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Mobavenue to ride the growth in the D2C market

 August 23: Mobavenue, a high-performance user acquisition platform using its dynamic creative, programmatic advertising, and proprietary in-house AI-based media buying platform is set to ride the growth in the D2C market, which is expected to rise from $12 billion in FY22 to $60 billion by FY27.

The expansion of the start-up ecosystem as a whole, which has produced well-established firms in the payments, logistics, app development, and marketing industries, has also aided the D2C sector by giving rise to several enablers and decreasing entry barriers. Direct-to-consumer firms are upending the retail industry by eschewing established distribution channels and passing the cost savings to their clients.

According to a recent analysis released by e-commerce enablement platform Shiprocket in cooperation with CII (The Confederation of Indian Industry) and Praxis Global Alliance, India’s D2C (direct-to-consumer) industry is expected to reach $60 billion by FY27. Many factors are working in favour of D2C industry expansion, including a youthful, active populace. Experts predict that by 2030, consumer spending will reach $4 trillion. Speculation suggests that by 2030, spending on food, clothing, transportation, communication, and personal care will be doubled.

It is essential for a D2C player to quickly capture market share in sectors where traditional enterprises with established distribution channels and sizable client bases compete. The quickest way to do this is through aggressive marketing.

Mobavenue has generated good traction in leading D2C companies with the help of its in-house product in programmatic acquisition, retargeting, and growth management. With access to internal and external data management systems (DMP), Mobavenue generates user buckets that span different locations and strongly prefer D2C customers’ product offerings. Mobavenue’s in-house DMPs are the integrating systems that gather, organise, and activate first, second, and third-party audience data from various sources—allowing them to discover unique customer insights.

Mobavenue, with its consolidated database, dynamic creative, programmatic advertising, and proprietary in-house AI-based media buying platform, offers an extra benefit for D2C businesses: it enables enterprises to develop connections with target consumers through continued interaction with their brand. A significant amount of first-party data that D2C companies gather at each stage of the customer journey is one of the driving forces behind direct-to-consumer marketing. Coupled with Mobavenue’s unique marketing solutions, D2C businesses get access to a marketing superpower with data included in a mobile in-app advertising strategy.

Mr. Kunal Kothari, Co-founder, Mobavenue Media Private Limited said, “In one of our very effective marketing campaigns for leading D2C fashion e-commerce client, we collaborated with the client to define the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and to find certain target populations who fit the specification. We observed that smaller towns, which up until now haven’t had access to fashion and lifestyle products suited to their requirements, make up a significant portion of the market for these D2C brands. The Tier II, III, and IV cities are mostly responsible for the D2C growth since these areas have wealthy yet brand-starved consumers who are open to trying new items. With the help of regional and vernacular publishers, in addition to premium listings, we were able to scale to these markets and reach new consumers. Once our DMP recognized the persona of a general user, we extended the traffic and witnessed gradual growth in numbers.”