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Money 2 Me Founder Nayan Kambli Talks About the Company and Its Journey So Far

September 7: Pan-India non-banking financial services company (NBFC), Nayan Kambli founded Money 2 Me is rapidly emerging as a top player in its field. Currently focused on providing gold loans, Money 2 Me strives to provide its customers a smooth and easy experience.

The company has recently launched their “Ghar Baithe Gold Loan” scheme. With this service, customers will be able to avail of a gold loan from the comfort of their homes through a speedy and smooth process. Accompanied with a robust mobile application, customers can access their accounts on the go from anywhere in the world.

In the light of their ever-increasing growth, Money 2 Me’s founder Nayan Kambli has talked about the company and shared its story so far. He has revealed that the company was founded based on thorough research and understanding of India’s gold market. Realizing that India has the most extensive gold-stock globally with a vast, organized gold market, the need for facilitating gold-related services was on the rise. In this growing market, NBFCs have played a prominent role. With a rich experience of 21 years in fundraising, including IPO, debt syndication, and private equity, Nayan Kambli knew establishing an NBFC would be the ideal thing to do.

Money 2 Me was founded on the pillars of Nayan Kambli’s experience and a vision to become a leading player in the Indian gold loan market. Since its take-off in 2016, Money 2 Me has witnessed substantial growth. To achieve its vision of creating a mark in the Indian gold loan market, Money 2 Me has always followed a customer-centric approach. Nayan Kambli has acknowledged that the Indian consumer market is diverse with dynamic needs and engagement patterns. With this factor at the forefront, Money 2 Me operates equally to cater to this large audience base.

The company currently provides its gold loan services through traditional and digital mediums. Some of the key features offered by Money 2 Me include flexible interest and tenure options, a safe and secure storage system, instant liquidity without selling gold, no foreclosure, and minimum documentation without a guarantor.

Nayan Kambli has further shared that he firmly believes that its professional ethics have played a significant role in their progress. Money 2 Me has a concrete risk-assessment mechanism in place that enhances their customers’ experience. The purity of the gold is constantly tested with multiple tests by a machine and a certified goldsmith to leave no room for error. Money 2 Me also places restrictions on certain gold items that can be less pure in quality. Furthermore, the company uses multiple evaluators for high-value loans. In specific segments where ownership cannot be ascertained, restrictions are in place against giving loans.

Another ethical practice is Money 2 Me’s market valuation. The company ensures a thorough market valuation procedure from periodic audits and assessments by a third-party evaluator to marking all loans at market price.

Nayan Kambli lastly discussed the company’s way of functioning. Money 2 Me has customized gold loan software that offers transparency to the customer. Their branches are equipped with advanced security systems. They provide quick disbursement with minimum documentation. The gold is secured in a private and fully insured vault system. KYC and CIBIL ratings are done for all loans for scrutiny.

Nayan Kambli is proud of the milestones Money 2 Me has achieved so far. He and his team are working on further elevating their company and its services in the future.