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MOOWR Sys, an AI tool from LEO Tech Exim, empowers manufacturers.

New Delhi (India), February 12: Manufacturing and Other Operations in Warehouse 2.0 (MOOWR-Sys), developed by LEO Tech Exim Solutions LLP, is a web-based AI tool to conduct day-to-day activities, monthly returns & audit compliances. It’s a re-introduced scheme by the Government of India in the year 2019. Introduced to import the raw materials into the factory and carry manufacturing using these raw materials, MOOWR 2.0 emphasizes payment of IGST and Customs Duty before the removal of goods from the factory. The scheme combines Sec. 58/58A and Sec 65 of Customs ACT. The scheme lacked clarity and awareness, hence wasn’t approved earlier. But in October 2019, the Government of India re-introduced the scheme with the help of Invest in India.

The re-introduced scheme was initially introduced in 2016 by the Government of India to promote the Make in India Scheme. Unfortunately, in 2018, The USA filed a case against India in the World Trade Organization with an allegation of giving undue exports incentives to Indian exporters. India lost the case in 2019, and the appeal was also rejected in 2019. The Government of India also introduced a Foreign Trade Policy in 2020, but it got delayed due to the pandemic, and the export benefits still remained obscure. It empowered the World Trade Organization to hold the export benefits, including the SEZ Scheme, which didn’t comply with the Global Trade Norms. Ashok Agarwal, the founder of Lucrative Exim Outsourcing Pvt. Limited stepped forward to address this issue.

He says, “During my research period, I went through many write-ups and talks available for this scheme, which clarifies policy, Procedure Rules, Regulations, and benefits to the industry. Everyone stated that this was a Revolutionary Scheme. Personally, I thought that if this scheme is worthy and beneficial, why isn’t the industry adopting it? Therefore, during the study of the Customs Act and MOOWR 2.0 scheme, I realized the lacking point of this scheme and the compliance processes. Through LEO-Tech Exim Solutions LLP, I introduced the AI tool – MOOWR Sys. The scheme was reconsidered, and today it benefits thousands of manufacturers. It is also in accordance with the Government’s ‘AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT’ Campaign.”