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Mr Ramakrishna Ravulapalli Joins the Advisory Board of Cloud Odyssey as the Chief Business Strategist

March 28: Ramakrishna (Ramki) Ravulapalli joins Cloud Odyssey as the Chief Business Strategist, Executive Coach and Mentor to the Leadership team. He joins the Advisory Board to help the management achieve its business objectives and leverage its processes in a sustainable manner. Ramki has garnered several years of experience in building brands, transforming businesses (digital, agile and organisational transformations), and coaching executives before being associated with Cloud Odyssey.

Ramki has donned several roles throughout his illustrious career, including that of a Lead Enterprise Agile Coach, Product Management Coach, Fintech and Start-up Coach, and many more. Ramki currently advises 3 start-upsand their CEOs. Ramki has over 30 years of experience and he is an accredited business coach and alumni of IIM, Lucknow and London Business School amongst other things. He is also coaching/training/advising an international sportswear brand, a challenger bank, a health care firm in Organising themselves optimally and helping their Agile/Scaled Agile/Digital transformations and moving from Projects to Product/Value Stream led organisations using Lean Portfolio Management.

Ramki believes that his presence in the Advisory Board would bring an outsider’s perspective to the table. He says, “It is extremely important for a company to be as objective and as data driven as possible while also trusting the gut instincts of the founders and leaders. I understand how difficult it is for the core team of Cloud Odyssey to think like outsiders while charting out business strategies. This is where I come in. I am willing to bring an independent and challenge perspective to the table and guide the team towards sustainable growth while taking into account the health and wellbeing of the employees. Given a good idea, the success of any knowledge-oriented company mostly rests on 2 things – satisfying the Customers and taking care of Employees. I have met Suresh (the founder) several times and I am very, very impressed with his razor-sharp focus and his vision. I have also seen his willingness to adapt quite rapidly based on feedback from the markets/customers. I am honoured to be part of the journey and am hoping to contribute to the success and growth of Cloud Odyssey”.

Over the last two years, organizations around the world have realized how important it is to embrace digitization. By associating with an IT consultancy firm, Ramki aims at driving digitization with genuine dedication. He is particularly impressed by the company’s mission of using enterprise-level expertise to provide personalized services to SMEs. Cloud Odyssey focuses on helping businesses optimize the potential of Salesforce and MuleSoft to leverage their processes.

Ramki strongly believes that the potential of Salesforce is immense, and it can be used to streamline business processes in multiple industries. He says, “I have been following the fascinating journey of Salesforce since its launch more than two decades ago. The tech giant has managed to stay relevant in the market by staying in tune with the latest technologies. Moreover, the acquisitions made by Salesforce over the last few years have further helped the company solidify itself in a highly competitive industry.”

Suresh Goli, the founder and CEO of Cloud Odyssey, is delighted to have Ramki on board as the Chief Business Strategist. He says, “All of us are honoured to have Ramki join us in our endeavours. His experience in coaching/mentoring start-ups and Executives, bring an independent perspective with a view to challenging the Executives where necessary, his experience in customer centric/product centric approaches, the domain and knowledge of the industry would provide us with a sense of direction and motivation. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and cannot wait to expand our horizons with him!”