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Natural Battery Technologies revolutionised Lithium-Ion battery production

Natural Battery Technologies, a prominent Lithium-Ion Battery producer in India, was founded by Puneet Jain. Puneet is a youthful but experienced hand in all parts of business development. He is a chain inventor and entrepreneur with seven years of expertise in business leadership, start-ups, and cultivating technology for good.

Natural Battery Technologies is based in Rajasthan and is a leading Lithium-Ion battery manufacturer in India. Focuses on adding value through product and process innovation to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly fuels. Puneet Jain talks at length about the future of EV vehicles and Lithium-Ion batteries in India in an interview with Vishal Jasani.

Q – Tell us more about the company Natural Battery Technologies and Lithium-Ion Batteries

Puneet Jain – Natural Battery Technologies is a leading Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturer in India, located out of Rajasthan. Our company is at the forefront of innovation as we continue to make the EV segment a better space. With a focus on delivering value through product and process innovation, we cater to the growing environment-friendly fuel supply market. Currently, we are building Lithium-Ion Batteries, Lithium-Ion Cells, LiFePO4 Cells, Battery management Systems, Solar Home Lighting systems, Battery Packs for Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Energy Storage Systems (UPS & Inverter) & other portable devices. Thus we are customizing the technology for various uses.

Today, we are collaborating with automakers and solar energy storage to help them develop the core of their vehicle, batteries! With primary goals which revolve around ensuring performance, safety, and space optimization, we want to be a revolutionary in the EV sector.

Q. What USP of Natural Battery Technologies makes it different from other companies?

PJ – Presently, several organizations are into manufacturing batteries, but what makes it different is our focus on R&D and building innovative products. Thus, we bring in the approach and the innovation in the market!

We have brought a lot of innovations into this space.

For example, our latest product is the fused connection technology which we believe is a breakthrough for the EV space. This tech isolates the faulty cell in the pack from the rest of the pack. This way, we stop the battery from malfunctioning! Secondly, the IoT features available in our batteries share distress reports, allowing us to share such details with our service partner to ensure safety. Besides that, we have also introduced heat and shock protection measures in our batteries, allowing us to be at the forefront of innovations in the EV segment and, more preferably, batteries.

Q. How would you summon up the five years of experience in this field?

PJ – The past five years have been an era of learning and embracing! Looking back, in 2017, the scope was undoubtedly minimal from what we have here today in 2022. Moreover, with governments’ favouring policies and customers’ demands for EVs due to rising fuel prices, we are building innovative products catering to these market demands.

Q. What is the future of EV vehicles?

PJ – The future is green for the EV industry! As per NITI Aayog, by 2030, 80% of two and three-wheelers, 40% of buses, and 30 to 70% of cars in India will be electric. Moreover, the government is offering subsidies and other tax benefits to convert more consumers into Electric Vehicle owners.

But what is needed now is infrastructure with a robust financing ecosystem, policy incentives, and technological advancements, which would lead to significant growth in the coming decade.

Q.Where do you see your company in the next five years?

PJ – We’re a company that is still learning and growing. Besides increased collaboration with the top EV manufacturers, we intend to be a part of innovative technologies and products which cater to the automobile and Energy storage industry.