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Navitas Solar Introduces the Bonito Module Series to Accelerate Solar Adoption in Commercial Spaces

October 7: Navitas Green Solutions Pvt Ltd, one of India’s leading solar module manufacturers, announces the launch of its Bonito Series. The Mono PERC half-cut solar modules in the Bonito Series are ideal for large-scale installations. Bonito has several advantages, such as improved shading tolerance, high power, lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and system cost, and superior temperature performance. As a result, it will also enable faster adoption of solar energy in large commercial spaces, including conglomerates and manufacturing units.  

The module comprises a white back sheet, 3.2 mm thick anti-reflective tempered glass, and silver and anodized aluminium alloy frame. The Bonito series cells are cut by a no-water Non-Destructive Laser Cutting (NDLC) process, which divides the solar cell into halves by adjusting temperatures, increasing the solar panel’s power output. Half-cut technology lowers the overall cost of a solar system, resulting in a lower LCOE.Commenting on the launch, Ankit Singhania, Co-Founder and Director of Navitas Solar, said, “We are excited to launch our latest Bonito Module series. We anticipate substantial and consistent demand for high-power solar modules in the future. The highly competitive Indian market, awareness of the balance of system (BOS), and product performance are additional benefits of adopting high-power modules. We hope to transform India with our solar modules for a sustainable future.” 

Bonito Modules are available in two models: Bonito Pro and Bonito Max. The Bonito Pro series modules are 9 BB Mono PERC Half Cut Solar Modules available in 144 & 156 cells that can generate from 435 to 500 watts with 21.47% efficiency. The Bonito Max series modules are 10 BB Mono PERC Half Cut Solar Modules available in 144 & 156 cells that can generate from 530 to 600 watts with 21.67% efficiency.