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Need Legal help? Get it online now

Rest The Case, founded by Shreya Sharma is an online legal aggregator platform providing a one-stop source for all legal services and information. It is a one-of-a-kind legal tech platform that helps make law accessible and easy for everyone by providing lawyers that clients can filter based on their requirements, such as different specializations, preferred cities, and even years of experience can find precisely what they are looking for.

We got an opportunity to talk with Shreya Sharma; excerpts:

Q. What motivated you to establish Rest The Case?

Shreya Sharma – The idea of Rest The Case came to me when I was studying, and I wanted to start it as soon as I could because I thought it would solve a problem. The problem I saw was that people find it extremely hard to find a good lawyer to help them with their basic legal requirements in our country. We have resources available in our country, but we don’t know where to find them, so I wanted to create a one-stop solution for all legal services and information. When the lockdown happened, and the entire world seemed to be changing, the need for legal help increased even more, and that was when I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer; I wanted to start now.

Q. Do you have any particular wing for women in India, and what is the easiest way they can approach you?

SS – We have aimed to provide legal help for any person who requires it. We try our best to provide whatever we can in our capacity to help a woman, man, or child, in need of legal assistance. We provide information and lawyers for every need. Our services specific to women in the past have been successfully carried out. All you need to do to find legal help on Rest The Case is to select a lawyer of your choice and talk to them. We have made it as easy as possible so that one can find legal help quickly. We recently also collaborated with Aspire for her, an NGO for women. in their department, “not alone”, there were several women in need of legal assistance especially post-pandemic. We are proud to say we could provide everyone who came to us with the proper legal help.

Q. What are the core services you provide?

SS – We are a one-stop solution for all legal services and information, which means that when you come to us, you don’t have to go pillar to post to find law-related information. Be it simple questions of everyday life that have confused you or the correct type of lawyer, and we have it all in one place. Our primary focus has always been two things:

  1. Trust- we aim to be a platform that people can rely on upon without a second thought, that’s why we try to make sure everything on our website is thoroughly checked and only then published, and all our lawyers are verified.
  2. Quick and free- We provide all services at a click of a button, and all associated with Rest The Case are always ready to help. Additionally, all our services for the clients are free of cost.

Q. What qualities do you seek while assembling a team for Rest The Case?

SS – 1. Trust – I trust my entire team completely, and it is essential for me. When creating a team, it is                   crucial that we can rely on each other and trust the team’s instincts.

  1. Pro-active – since we are relatively new, every person must have the space to think because that’s when a person has better ideas. It is also important that each person thinks and discusses with each other and gives their own opinions and ideas.