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New Delhi’s Connaught Place is the new physical home of Unicas

The new branch of the crypto-friendly financial institution shall allow users to transact INR and crypto through one account.

New Delhi, February 08, 2022: Unicas – the world’s first crypto financial institution with physical branches- announced opening another branch in India’s capital, New Delhi. The new branch based out of Connaught Place, New Delhi, will allow users to access banking services in fiat and cryptocurrency.

Cashaa, a global banking platform in partnership with the United Multistate co-op society, had launched Unicas in India to empower users with the freedom to transact in fiat and crypto through a single account.

The new branch is operational and allows users to avail themselves of facilities including savings accounts, loans against crypto assets and cash deposit withdrawals.

Unicas accepts the CAS token as its native crypto. Users with a higher portfolio balance in CAS get advanced banking services, a lower interest rate for loans, and much higher interest on savings balance.

“Since Unicas launch in India, we have received an overwhelming response from users. Our primary agenda was to spread awareness about crypto, and share more knowledge, additionally making people familiar with the technology. We have attained the objective to a certain extent. However, to further proceed in this direction, we expand our footprint through physical branches. Being physical does not mean we are not online; our major customer acquisition is online, while our branches are creating trust in the masses and allowing less tech-savvy people to become the part of the Crypto revolution,” said Dinesh Kukreja- CEO of Unicas

Unicas has already created a presence in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi, and this year it plans to foray into UP, Telangana markets too. The brand has already witnessed a transactional volume worth INR 150 crores with the currently operational physical branches.

By the end of fiscal 2022-23, it plans to clock a transactional volume worth 1000 across.