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Nexgen Energia’s mission to be the leading company in clean fuel energy sector

Nexgen, lines up with a massive expansion plan to launch 10,000 production plants & retail outlets on CBG on the DODO Model by 2027

The Chairman of Nexgen, Dr Dwiwedi known as the ‘CBG Man’ in his inner circle for his gigantic contribution to renewable energy

With the vision to turn India into a clean energy economy, Nexgen Energia was incorporated by Dr Piyush Dwiwedi, The Chairman of this great initiative. India’s fastest-growing integrated clean fuel energy company with eyesight to redefine the manufacturing & distribution of alternate future energy solutions for organic waste management. The company forays into other business verticals such as Brewery, Water Bottling, and Food & Beverages. The company has a global presence in Australia, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine and has its state of an art manufacturing facility in Haryana, UP, and MP states in India. Currently, Nexgen soon comes with Bio CBG manufacturing plants in Aurangabad, Pune, Lucknow, Prayagraj, Ghaziabad, Indore, and Guwahati, with a capacity of 500 tons that produce around 30 tons of gas.

Dr Dwivedi discusses the difficulties he encountered on this voyage, “India’s population faces the toughest obstacles in adopting bio-energy. Additionally, the lack of an established ecosystem for CBG pricing and profit margin discouraged business owners from putting in the plants. Recently, the rising cost of CBG, plant feasibility has increased dramatically, and payback has shortened from five years to two or three years”.

‘Nexgen provides a start to a sustainable solution that converts organic waste into useful resources that result in increased entrepreneurial opportunities committed to the partner’s growth along with a successful business module; generating employment, increasing farmers’ productivity, and a cleaner environment’

“Finding the right raw material and mapping it properly highlights a major issue for installing a successful plant. The supply chain has to be very robust while setting up the plant. NGE is providing the solution to buy back all the products including gas, bio-fertilizer, and slurry. We have our supply-chain mechanism and collaborate with multiple companies selling these fertilizers. The company has signed 70 LOI (letter of intent) and is yet to launch retail outlets with state-of-the-art machinery to dispense gas that we purchase from plant owners,” he added.Nexgen Energia has a sizeable existence in almost all the clean energy portfolios, including Bio-CNG manufacturing & dispensary unit, Green Diesel production & its retail outlet, Bio-coal manufacturing unit, and EV charging station.

Their flagships brands are:

–     “NGE” is for CNG (Compressed BioGas) Plant & Pumps / Bio-Coal / EV Charging Stations / Biodegradable Plastics (Water Soluble Plastics)

– “NX 100″ is for Green Diesel and Lubricants

The company has started its future energy operations at the very grassroots level. It plans to expand its business vertical across India and in the overseas market, including Gulf and African countries.

‘Dr. Dwivedi earned the title of ‘CBG Man’ in the industry for his immense contribution to the renewable energy sector and acts as the voice to bring a green energy revolution to India and make the country more energy independent’

Short introduction of Dr Piyush Dwivedi: Dr Dwivedi is a recipient of a doctorate in business management for his contribution to the renewable energy sector, is helping in building a new India by reducing pollution, increasing farmer income, creating entrepreneurs, generating employment, helping in better land utilization, reducing import of fuels and saving foreign exchange. And not just that, he is also a philanthropist, poet, orator and a person who supports many social activities.