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Next-generation experience in HR Technology

All-In-One HR Platform, a young organisation, formed in 2016, is focused on re-engineering HR Technology from the perspective of employees. Qandle, founded by Chayan Mukhopadhyay (CO-Founder and CEO) and Himanshu Aggarwal (CO-Founder and CTO), stands out as a comprehensive HR solution covering the entire range of HR functions, from hiring to retirement. It has used technology to create a modular and incredibly flexible solution for companies wishing to provide their employees with a next-generation experience. Qandle has served approximately 550 clients so far. Qandle aims to create workplaces that are connected, empowered, and engaged.

Q – Can you please give a gist on what Qandle is?

Chayan Mukhopadhyay – Qandle is focused on re-engineering HR Technology from the perspective of employees. Qandle is a smart, cloud-based HR solution for forward-thinking enterprises, founded by Chayan Mukhopadhyay (CO-Founder and CEO) and Himanshu Aggarwal (CO-Founder and CTO) in 2016 and launched in 2018. It’s a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of HR, from hiring to retirement. The platform is simple and easy to use, with intelligent mobile apps and chatbots for on-the-go users. Qandle is a modular and incredibly versatile solution for HR professionals looking to provide their workforce with a great experience.

Q – How do you integrate the latest AI, ML, and Analytics technology in Qandle?

CM – AI stands as one of the prominent elements of our offerings, and we’re still investing in it to help our clients make their jobs easier. In multiple modules, we leverage AI and Natural Language Processing to make our solution smarter and save time for our client’s employees and, as a result, their HR and admin departments. We also have an AI chatbot to automate and reply to daily generic inquiries from employees on behalf of the HR department. Additionally, AI and ML are at the heart of a slew of new features in various modules to give businesses a seamless HRMS experience.

Q – What qualities do you seek while assembling a team for Qandle?

CM – At Qandle, we have a dedicated team of professionals and a skilled workforce that have helped us provide quality services to our customers and simultaneously align with advanced technology and innovations. When we employ a team of qualified experts, we ensure they have prior experience in their respective fields. We examine if they can work with dedication on our mission to build connected, empowered, and engaged workplaces.

Q – Can you put some light on the HR Tech Industry and its future?

CM – Companies are increasingly attempting to integrate technology into their HR operations to expedite their responsibilities since the role of HR has become significantly crucial in supporting businesses. Many HR technology entrepreneurs have spotted an opportunity. They are developing tools that use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics to help enterprises improve their business processes and outcomes. Formal change management, thorough adoption, measurement of business process gains, and wise investments in technologies such as conversational AI, Augmented Analytics, RPA, and more will propel HR technology forward. It is believed that 2023 and 2024 will be the years for this paradigm shift.

Technology has been seen evolving and growing with time and technological advancements. New technologies have impacted many industries in recent years. Adapting to the constantly changing business dynamics has grown easier as technology has become more widely implemented. People used to take a lot of time to process the data, but today they can evaluate and scrutinise it quickly and generate unique insights for more thoughtful decision-making. With the advancement of Al tech, this will only get smoother and more incredible.

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Q – Any plans for Qandle you would like to share with our readers?

CM – We are planning to double our customer base within a year. On the product front, we want to keep assisting our clients in managing their human resources. The needs of our clients drive our product strategy. Thus, our product roadmap is developed in close collaboration with our clients and is fully transparent to them.