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One pit stop for fulfilling all your travel dreams, Travel Bazar organises Travel Fest 2022

August 8: The Covid-19 Pandemic was harsh on all fronts to human life. It put people in a box full of restrictions which had the most impact on Travel. In the light of bringing people’s zeal back, the largest PAN India tour operator – “Travel Bazar Global, is organising the “Travel Fest 22” from 8th to 10th August 2022 at their Kolkata office spread in the area of 3000 sq feet located at PS Srijan corporate park sector five, Saltlake. The company’. Travel Fest is people’s one pit stop for all uniquely curated special packages specifically for the festive season. The fest will also offer packages for USA and Europe for the year 2023.

While bringing more insight to the topic, Director and Travel Expert – Mr. Suvojyoti Roy Chowdhary gave elaborated on people’s misconception about International travelling being out of force and unsafe while, in reality, the tables have actually turned. Surprisingly, the demand for economy flight class tickets has increased so much that there are no economy class flight tickets available for Thailand presently.  The travel engagements have increased by a great level in the Asian countries as all tickets are already sold out leading halfway to the year, prices of all tours including Bangkok is touching the roof with packages priced at 45000 presently which was 20000 and also Singapore package at 70000 rising from 40000. This inflation in flight fares is far beyond the reach of the common man and is definitely no value for money.

Travel Bazar Global understands people’s frustration in relation to the longest time of waiting for the appointment and access for acquiring the VISA. The goal of Travel Fest’22 is to give people the appropriate solution for all their travel problems and also empower the zeal to travel like there’s no tomorrow.
Travel Fest was organised in Mumbai, where except for the 2023 special packages for Europe, the USA, and London, there will also be an exclusively curated package to Thailand just at 19,999. The Travel fest gives people so much more in terms of offers, such as booking a room for a total of 4 members, or more can give you “one night for free,” but that’s not it. The Travel Fest also allows you to pay for the tour package 3-4 instalments which automatically enhances your experience and gives you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Travel Bazar is the first customisable tour company, which beliefs in modern age concept of instant customisation and departure instead of fixed one’. Travel Fest has functioned my 150 talented and hardworking employees. Social media plays a huge role in shaping people’s opinions and therefore social media proves all the handwork of the company as it shows no negative reviews in the past 11 years. The company always keep people’s advantage at its epitome by providing them a 100% guaranteed refund in cancellation due to visa issues or if you cancel 45 days prior the departure.

Overall, Travel Fest’22 is all about getting the spirit back of travel enthusiasts who are frequent travellers and have knowledge about international travelling. It is a vocal platform for clearing various international queries and making the process of acquiring easier.