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Optiminastic Media bags US based Social Food App Zymmo

November 12: Digitalization has taken over the world every bit. No business can survive without creating its presence in the digital world. Honestly, if you are not online then you are on the line of the business.

Understanding the above concept and the importance of a digital marketer helping the business to grow and flourish, Zymmo, a US-based food company, has successfully joined hands with the very known and popular company Optiminastic Media. Now, Optiminastic Media is looking at the end-to-end online marketing of the company. Be it anything, they are dedicatedly working to create and maintain the brand image.

“Well, being present is not enough; it is important to make your presence count online. Just being there through a website or social media account is not called online marketing. The business must create an impact, brand awareness, and a lot more things. There is a proper channel to operate through with help that you may create amazing visibility of your brand or app online,” says Smita Purohit, Account Manager at Optiminastic Media.

The Zymmo India’s team at Optiminastic Media is a group of highly creative & ambitious professionals led by the founders Akshae Golekar & Ashitosh Wadkar. The team will work towards the 360-degree marketing of Zymmos.

The important part of a digital campaign is exactly working through various combinations and then making it visible on the internet. So, one must be careful about it. “The entrepreneur or the company cannot manage everything themselves, they need to find a suitable digital marketer for this job. If this job is not done properly, it may lead the company to problematic conditions and hence may ruin all the effort shared by the entrepreneur,” highlights Sanket Lakade, Business Executive at Optiminastic Media.

“We’re excited to bring Zymmos to our Indian audience & to be associated with Zymmos as nothing excites us more than working on a project from scratch, with the talented team at Zymmos we’re looking forward to achieving our goals together! The Zymmos app will very soon be available for users in India to Explore, Engage & Experience a new world of food content.” Added the co-founder of Optiminastic Media Akshae Golekar

The Indian Digital Industry has been growing immensely over the past 10 years, setting a new benchmark every year. Optiminastic Media holds an esteemed name in the market & has worked with some of the top brands like Nykka, Helo App, MX player, AVIVA life insurance, OYO, Resso app & others. The company had also recently set up its base in UAE, which looks like the company is on its way towards global take over.