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Otrivin unveils “Life’s a struggle” campaign

New Delhi, May 10: Nasal decongestant spray brand Otrivin has launched a new campaign highlighting the impact of a blocked nose on everyday life moments. The campaign is a series of four films that emphasise daily struggles when breathing is impacted due to a blocked nose. While sleep is one of the most significant moments that gets disrupted when one has a blocked nose, people find it difficult to concentrate on work/study, and eating food becomes a struggle too. Some tend to become cranky and cannot enjoy the time spent with their loved ones due to a blocked nose. The campaign also introduces an instinctive behaviour-based creative device to unblock the nose, driving relatability and memorability.

Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief is a leading nasal spray brand that provides fast relief from blocked noses and quickly helps consumers get back to these crucial life moments. Otrivin starts to unblock the nose in just 25 seconds and provides long-lasting relief for up to 12 hours.

Anurita Chopra, Marketing Head, GSK Consumer Healthcare, said“A blocked nose may seem trivial; however, it impacts not only breathing but also the key moments in a consumer’s life. Otrivin’s purpose is to enable consumers to breathe their best, and Otrivin Oxy Fast Relief provides a quick solution to unblock the nose and therefore end the consumer’s discomfort. Through this campaign, Otrivin is trying to empathise with the consumer and urge them to opt for a fast relief solution for a blocked nose. It is simple, effective and non-messy!”