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PickMyWork to empower 1 Lakh gig workers with livelihood

The company plans to grow 10x in the next six months.

 Gurugram, June 15: PickMyWork, which helps digital companies acquire end customers (individual users and merchants), has announced it is on its way to expanding its agent network by 10X and empowering 1lac+ agents. It currently works with 10,000 gig workers and merchants as part of its agent network and empowers them with supplemental income opportunities. This network allows it to support consumer tech companies looking to reach end-users and merchants.

PickMyWork is India’s largest digital distribution network on a pay-per-sale model which enables digital companies to acquire end customers including shops for their products at a very low CAC. In the pandemic era when most of the daily wagers had to move back to their hometowns in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, the issue of job scarcity beyond urban areas stood tall in front of all. PickMyWork is making efforts to create earning opportunities in these cities so that they gradually move towards settling in their lives again, and not away from their homes.

Additionally, the start-up currently has a strength of 35 employees and aims at adding talent across multiple departments including Tech, Business Development, Marketing, Alliances & Partnerships.

“We aim at supporting consumer tech companies while also creating income opportunities in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Thus, trying to establish a holistic model for all. Over the period, we have seen overwhelming results, and now we are glad that we can now look to scale 10x. Furthermore, we are also strengthening our in-house team, which means that we will be able to create more permanent jobs too. This is also in line with our fiscal targets, which we are sure to accomplish,” said Kajal Malik, Co-Founder & CSO, PickMyWork

As the pandemic impacted the lives of millions of gig workers, forcing many companies to lay off their employees, PickMyWork’s initiative to empower more than 1 lakh gig workers has created hope for many. Furthermore, tier 2 and tier 3 cities, where a lot of consumer tech companies were struggling to penetrate the market given the diversity of a huge nation like India, are now associating with PickMyWork for better RoI and faster results. The brand is enabling the revival of the market with its two-sided business model.

In light of the same, PickMyWork was also chosen as one of the Emergent Ventures grantees by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University during the Covid 19 outbreak for the uniqueness of its business model and potential applications of its tech to a range of use cases. Among its clients are B2B giants such as Meesho, Freecharge,  AU Small Finance Bank etc.