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Pravesh Rana, the first North-east boy to have won 3 consecutive Awards

December 9: It’s truly said that success comes to those who seek it. With strong determination and passion for dance, Pravesh Rana stepped into the world of dance as a choreographer. Being from an army background, it was initially difficult for him to persuade his family. But, he managed to convince his family to visit Mumbai and try his luck as a dancer. He started his journey as a background dancer and became a national faculty in no time. He practiced till he got it right and ensured that he performed to the best of his abilities. With zero money in his pocket, he dared to dream high and moved to Mumbai from Assam to work towards his goal. He is the first Northeast boy to have won 3 consecutive awards for his contribution to the dancing world.

Pravesh Rana soon became a celebrity trainer and represented India in Europe in 2013. He won the National Achievers Award for the best choreographer in Mumbai in 2019. The award was presented by Brand Icon Delhi. He received ‘Awards of Excellence’ for Remarkable dance choreographer in Mumbai in 2020. The Award was presented by the G-Town Society. Besides these 2 awards, he also won the Style Icon 2020 for the best choreographer in the event industry 2020 at Nashik. He also Judged Mad for stage (history tv channel). Besides, he is also judging a show called ‘The Next Star’ with Mudassar khan.

Pravesh Rana is a self-made dancer who learnt from YouTube Videos and practiced dance every day. Inspired by his sister, who has earned several accolades for her dance performances, Pravesh Rana envisions being the change leader in the industry. He believes dance is an art form, and only an artist can connect with it. He says, “Dancers don’t need wings to fly. All they need is regular practice and passion for being the best version of themselves.

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