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PrepInsta hired Vaibhav Jain as new Chief of Staff for Marketing and Strategy

Noida: PrepInsta, India’s most popular and visited placement website, has announced the appointment of Vaibhav Jain as its new Chief of Staff- Marketing and Strategy. Vaibhav brings an industry experience in Content Management, Marketing and Production to his new role at PrepInsta. Taking on his new part, he would be responsible for fuelling PrepInsta’s subscription growth among first and second-year students. He will also carve out the target audience’s placement approach to widen their horizon. Vaibhav will also look into adding several new courses to the platform to help first, and second-year students from non-CS IT backgrounds stay up to date on the latest technologies and innovations. 

 With a degree in B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering, Vaibhav previously worked as a Technical Content Intern, and Technical Content Lead at PrepInsta, where he helped the company establish a technical team vertical and increase growth and revenue through performance marketing. He has contributed to the brand’s growth over the period and now takes on new responsibilities to enable other facets.  

Atulya Kaushik, Co-Founder, and CEO, PrepInsta, said, “Marketing and strategy are two significant variables that affect a company’s growth and development. Our responsibility to our stakeholders and our promise to facilitate the best service possible can only be realised through a strong strategy and marketing. Vaibhav’s broad experience in marketing and consulting will not only supplement this critical business vertical but will also aid in strengthening our offerings which surely will add value to our business. I wish Vaibhav the best in his new position.” 

“I started at PrepInsta as an intern in the content team 3.5 years ago and have come a long way with my sheer dedication and hard work. It’s exhilarating to be a part of PrepInsta as it continues to grow in the Ed-tech industry. The company’s steady evolution trajectory, from humble beginnings to becoming a robust technology-equipped upskilling platform, is truly impressive. I envision PrepInsta as one of the top Ed-tech firms in India, and I am excited to contribute to this growth and make the experience in the organisation as enriching as possible,” said Vaibhav Jain, Chief of Staff- Marketing and Strategy, PrepInsta.

PrepInsta is a one-stop placement destination with the primary goal of addressing India’s current disparity in job prospects. PrepInsta, through its product PrepInsta Prime, trains students in the entire process of placement preparation, skill development, coding learning, and interview prepping. PrepInsta offers 200+ courses which increases the chance of students getting a high-paying job. Any interested student can enrol by subscribing to Prepinsta Prime and gain access to courses such as AI/ Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Coding courses in C/C++, Competitive Coding, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Python, and DSA. PrepInsta also recently announced the addition of new courses to its Prime module. The new courses include FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, and Salesforce.