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PrepInsta’s new OTT learning platform PrepInsta Prime Launched

New Delhi, April 18: PrepInsta, edtech startup for practice coding, aptitude, and new technologies, announces a new platform PrepInsta Prime which will follow an OTT format, enabling learning material and techniques for college students and working professionals.

PrepInsta prime shall offer over 150 courses under a single subscription plan. The array of courses covers popular upskilling programmes, including- UpSkilling, Coding, Placement Preparation courses etc., to widen the scope of job opportunities for the aspirant.

The subscription includes upskilling courses like – AI/ Machine Learning, Cyber Security, coding courses in C/C++, Python, DSA, and Competitive coding. The platform also provides company-specific micro-courses for brands like Amazon, TCS, Mu Sigma, Capgemini and other 150+ courses.

“We aim to democratise learning where a learner should get access to quality education at affordable prices with PrepInsta Prime Subscription. Students should not sacrifice learning outcomes and should have access to and explore all skills, technologies and job opportunities in the new digital world,” said Atulya Kaushik, CEO & Co-Founder, PrepInsta.

“We target upskilling around 100K learners by the end of 2022. Additionally, PrepInsta prime shall continue adding new courses in sync with the market demand. By the end of the current calendar year, we plan to have at least 300 courses on its portfolio.”, said Manish Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, PrepInsta.

Unlike other platforms where aspirants can only access a single course and get restricted if they wish to explore, through PrepInsta Prime, they may avail all the courses available on the platform. The subscriptions for the students are available at a very nominal price, starting from INR 2499 for three months to INR 6499 for 48 Months.