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Raisha Jain, a popular social media celebrity at 4

New Delhi, November 9: Innocent face and sparkling eyes, 4-year-old Raisha Jain looks like any other sweet, charming child but with the charisma that would attract anyone to her. This little girl is a social media celebrity with a massive following on social media. She is also the kid brand ambassador or kid model for many renowned brands.

Impressed by her innocence and allure, many YouTubers approached her parents to make her appear in their videos. She was just 18 months old when she first appeared in a video of a renowned YouTuber from Delhi in a women-oriented story. Since then, she has appeared in many more videos. Recognition came her way after she got the opportunity to work in the hit Haryanvi song ‘Haveli’ with famous stars Vicky Kalja and Kriti Varma. They both appreciated her fabulous talent at such a young age.

Raisha’s confidence and camaraderie at such a young age are worth appreciating. It is like she was born to face the camera. Her photogenic face and ability to attract an audience have brought many brand promotions to her lap. She has been associated with prestigious brands like Radisson Blue, Junior Horlicks. She is also honoured to be the brand ambassador of CLIMAX Music Systems. Raisha has been chosen as a child model by various designers to showcase their designs at such a young age and has also walked the ramp for different fashion brands. She walks the ramp like a professional model with finesse

Popular magazine Wedzilla has recently been crowned as their kid brand ambassador in a star-studded show in Radisson Blu Hotel Dwarka, New Delhi, where none other than Indian actor Shahnawaz Khan has done the honour. She was also invited as a child-celebrity guest in 2 popular shows, ‘comedy nights’ organized by Jayan Foundation in association with Mannat and also in ‘Award Night’ where famous Bollywood actor Zahid Ali was celebrity chief guest.

Raisha’s popularity is soaring high every day. Recently Indian Mega cine-star Ranveer Singh and Siddharth Malhotra have congratulated her for her work and immense talent and bestowed their blessings. Such talent and popularity at a young age have only become possible because of unconditional support from her parents, who have always been the pillars of strength and support for her.