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Revolutionise Your Home Space with Lofy’s Interior Solutions

Gone are the days when interior design was dubbed as an ostentatious expression for a certain individual. Now that people have become conscious about their lifestyles, they leave no stone unturned in designing their dream home. Almost all homeowners today desire a magazine-like kitchen or a movie-like dream home. They want a picture-perfect home with excellent aesthetics, thereby making a lasting statement. Interior design has become an essential aspect in our life. It not only adds value to our contemporary lifestyle but also helps in adding functionality and not to mention elegance and comforts in our premises.

Today stunning interiors make a statement. It’s not just space, but interiors too! The Indian millennial with avant-garde lifestyles considers their home décor as a reflection of their style statement. In India, the interior design industry is growing rapidly than in the past, with increasing awareness and recurring desire. It is expected to be worth Rs. 1.5 – 2 lakh crore. Besides, the growing real estate industry with rapid urbanization, social media influences and rising income levels alongside transforming lifestyles are all fuelling up the demand for interior design services.

When it comes to interior designing, one of the most important elements is finding the most suitable interior designer. It’s not all about designing only, but rather it is about occupant’s lifestyle, space, functionality, feasibility, affordability and safety, to name a few. As a discerning realtor, Shivalik Group has been through the demands of providing custom-fitted interiors as an added feature for the relief of the home buyers. When there’s a competitive interior designing market, it becomes pretty challenging for homeowners to opt for the right interior designing service. Having understood the pain point, Shivalik Group has extended its best foot forward to ensure people of their dream home with unequalled custom-fitted interiors services with ‘Lofy’ interior solutions.

Innovatively forward integration of a reputed property developer Shivalik Group, Lofy interior solutions is the most promising, advanced and hassle-free interior service provider which amalgamate aesthetic components of interior designs with functionality as well as a smart living. Touted as the new state-of-the-art design par excellence, Lofy interior solutions is a well-organized interior design company that offers individual design tailored to the specific requirements of clients whilst meeting their budget and time. No matter be it neo-classical, contemporary, futuristic, eclectic or bespoke, Lofy interior solutions can transform one’s kitchen, living room, foyer, gallery, master bedroom etc., that suits sensibilities. Believe it or not, a home with pleasing-to-the-eyes interiors will definitely fetch the most favourable resale values as well!

With a team of architects, designers, project managers, creative minds and strategists, Lofy interior solutions boast a trove of out-of-the-box talents who go down to the last detail in giving their best in their respective forte. The specialized project managers thoroughly inspect everything and attend to every single demand or request raised by clients. Anyone can keep in constant touch with professional designers of Lofy as they are always ready to help out during every phase of work so as to meet clients’ expectations and ambitions whilst understating their taste, style and trend. What’s more, the entire team strictly adhere to Covid protocols from start to finish.

According to MD, Taral Shah, Shivalik Group, design and comfort are crucial for success in life. While achieving these, many homeowners quite often experience disorganised systems. “We first understand their sentiments and then recommend a wide range of choices that they can close in on! With the help of the latest 3D visualization technology, we help our clients envision and get the proper feel of their desired interiors so that we can ensure bespoke solutions by fulfilling their satisfaction by providing customized furniture, transparent project handling and timely delivery “added Mr. Shah.

How fantastic it is when dull, boring and lifeless space can be perfectly transformed into elegant home interiors that rightly meets one’s preference! With this service, Shivalik Group is on a mission to create a legacy. The flagship one-stop interior solution experience centre in Ahmedabad is located at Shivalik Shilp II, Near Keshavbaug Party Plot, Satellite.