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RM Sports Launches Goods with Innovation as the Backbone to Counter Pandemic Blues

New Delhi (India), October 22: One aspect of human life that has suffered the most since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic is life outdoors. With lockdown, social distancing, and other precautions in place, people are becoming more reticent to heading outdoors and indulging in various sports, quite unlike the pre-COVID days. The brunt of this lifestyle change is mainly being borne by the Sports Business owners, whose operations have suffered a lot.

While the current Corona crisis has led to dejection among most of the sports business owners, there is one sports goods manufacturer, RM Sports, which has created for itself an opportunity out of this crisis. This opportunity to innovate was the brainchild of Rajeev Mishra, Founder & Managing Director, who ensured that RM Sports is not looking backwards but forward when it comes to a profitable business. In a way, they’ve managed to find the silver lining in the dark cloud that this pandemic has been for everyone else.

Under the leadership of Founder Rajeev Mishra and CEO Shraddha Tiwari, the sports company has decided to go forward into the future that is looking uncertain in the wake of the pandemic, with innovation and improvement of its sporting goods. What inspired this change in their business policy is the fact that their business suffered hard during the last more than one year of Coronavirus. The RM Sports Management took the decision to go beyond the ordinary and aim for an extraordinary approach to business. The path that they picked was to innovate what they were already good at – manufacturing new-age sporting goods so that when customers return to their shops, they get the best products to use

In this line of thinking, RM Sports has introduced some high-quality, reasonably priced sporting goods like these –

  1. Sportswear is made with high quality, technically sound fabric, which absorbs moisture & sweat better while keeping it breathable and weightless. These clothes keep you cool, especially during intense HIIT workouts or a bout of cricket/football/hockey on the ground.
  2. Moving on from synthetic plastic material called PVC, which is not harmful just for you but also for the environment; RM Sports is going to launch cricket gear made with PU or Plastazote. It is a type of foam that is flexible and tough at the same time. Gear made out of Plastazote offers superior performance at a lighter weight.
  3. RM Sports is also coming out with its own retail outlets, a kind of offline shop where sports enthusiasts can come and browse personally before placing their orders. For starters, the company is going to open these outlets in metro cities like Mumbai and NCR while preparations are afoot for expanding their offline presence to other major cities in due time.

Such innovation, uniqueness and research are often not commonly seen being put into manufacturing sports goods. Therefore, this attempt by RM Sports to innovate itself to face the post-COVID world is nothing less than inspirational.