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RMZ Corp Obtains UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air

RMZ Infinity, now UL Verified, has excellent indoor air quality performance

Bengaluru, May 6: RMZ Corp, one of Asia’s most prominent privately-owned real estate owners, investors, and developers, announced today that they have achieved the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air for their RMZ Infinity property in Bengaluru. This achievement aligns with RMZ Corp’s commitment to incorporating high environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards across its operations. RMZ Infinity, a 1.21 million-square-foot office space, is designed to accommodate a modern, high-density office environment with futuristic architecture that is both flexible for tenant fit-outs and technologically smart. The property has been evaluated to rigorous indoor air quality (IAQ) standards and guidelines and has plans for advancing IAQ in the future.

To earn the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark, RMZ Corp participated in a thorough evaluation process. It included an audit, on-site inspections, visual inspection and IAQ testing, among other assessments like measuring total volatile organic compounds formaldehyde, ozone, and a mould and moisture inspection. The program includes an annual reassessment coupled with surveillance at the midyear point to maintain the verification.

“We feel proud to receive the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark for Indoor Air for RMZ Infinity, Bengaluru. The recognition is of great importance for our communities and a milestone in providing indoor environments that support occupant health and wellness. It is one of the many ways UL can help building owners, property managers and corporations earn trust from their tenants and employees. We constantly seek to enhance our focus areas to further contribute to our society and environment,” Thirumal Govindraj, Senior Managing Director & Member of the Executive Board, RMZ Corp, stated.

One of the most respected names in safety, security and sustainability in buildings, safety science leader UL developed this program to provide credible, third-party verification for evaluating buildings against rigorous IAQ standards and guidelines. The UL Verified Healthy Building program can verify marketing claims in five areas: indoor air quality, water quality, building hygiene, lighting and acoustics before re-occupancy following an extended vacancy period, such as during the coronavirus outbreak. The program also helps communicate a positive message by differentiating indoor spaces with Verified occupant health and well-being marketing claims.

“By earning the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark, RMZ Corp has taken an important step in advancing indoor air quality. This is a critically important effort as stakeholders from investors to tenants and regulatory bodies prioritise sustainability and wellness in buildings,” said Sean McCrady, director of Assets and Sustainability, Real Estate and Properties at UL.

The tiered UL Verified Healthy Building program verifies that an indoor space achieves exceptional indoor environmental performance based on various criteria. For more information about the program, visit