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“Rubaru Mr. India winners are ordinary men with extraordinary talents and skills,” says Pankaj Kharbanda

Rubaru Mr. India competition entered its 17th edition this year. With its latest edition, the pageant also witnessed some historic victories and set new records in male pageantry. The pageant that wears the crown of India’s biggest male pageant, is the highest contributor to the Indian male pageant industry. The Rubaru Mr. India pageant contributes more than 70% to India’s male pageant sector by producing more than 10 winners and more than 30 award winners every year. The winners of the Rubaru Mr. India competition represent India at some of the biggest and most well-established international pageants across the globe.

This year, history was created at the pageant when the debutant states ended up winning top titles. This year, also marked the first victory of 4 new states. While speaking about the winners of the Rubaru Mr. India pageant, the vice president of the organisation, Pankaj Kharbanda mentioned, “We are so grateful to have such amazing winners that have done us all very proud. Rubaru Mr. India winners are ordinary men with extraordinary talents and skills. All of them have a unique personality that makes them shine in the crowd. We don’t believe in creating clones of the former titleholders or popular winners because in that process the new winner loses his individuality and uniqueness. We rather encourage our winners to be what they are and never forget their roots. An original is worth more than a copy, and this is what we tell them.”

While throwing light on the intricate selection process, he shared some very informative facts that proved Rubaru Mr. India pageant is much more than a fashion event or a modelling competition. He added, “The selection process expands over months. A candidate’s judgement begins the moment he gets selected as the finalist. Our team at Rubaru Mr. India organization observes each candidate’s actions and responses, his attitude towards others, and the kind of personality he has. This practice continues till the final day of the pageant. Every candidate is assigned a score weekly before he arrives for the final event. This score is added to the candidate’s performance score during the finale. Our candidates take part in segments like interview rounds, extempore / free speech, debate segments, and group interactions and discussions. This is done so that the judges, as well as the public, get the opportunity to know our candidates better. We also make the candidates’ interviews public so that the people can know about them in a better way. Other than that, we have a series of other segments like fitness round, formal wear round, Indian wear round, national costume competition, and social impact and awareness segment. Thus, the winners that you see, they are selected after a series of careful observation and analysis carried out over several weeks and months. Our team of experts takes under consideration every single detail while coming up with the winners’ names.”

This year, the Rubaru Mr. India pageant elected 11 winners that would go on to represent India at 11 different international pageants based in different parts of the world.