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Rupa Frontline’s Bold Solid Mini Brief Colors for the ‘Dare Devils’

Rupa Frontline Colors has a surprise gift for you this New Year 2022.

Kolkata, February 17: Be prepared to unwrap your gift and find a three-dimensional representation of a colour model, an analogue of the two-dimensional colour wheel and a tool to organize hue, lightness and saturation to compose visual art.

If you are slightly amused and confused after reading this, you have every reason to be so! All these are properties of the Live ‘Solid Colour’ range and Rupa Frontline Colors which presents you exactly with this option. A choice of ten, enviable, Bold Solid Colors to grace your new year wardrobe.

By the way, these solids are not for the faint-hearted. For those of you who love to flaunt that chiselled body of yours in a daring Mini Brief, this gift is perfect for you.

Rupa Frontline Mini Briefs come in spicy Red, moody Wine, sprightly Mouse, chocolatey Brown, fresh Olive Green, the three enviable blues – Airforce, Navy and Royal and of course the very British Charcoal as well as the elegant Black. Dare to f aunt your MiniBriefs!! Live your Life. Live Colors.

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