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Rural women: now self-sufficient and financially secure!

WeAct is a leading women empowerment organisation in India, helping women entrepreneurs grow and sustain their businesses. It demonstrates a commitment to ensuring all micro-enterprises long-term viability and profitability.

The Director General, Dr Sunil Shukla, is a renowned personality in research and education. He also plays a vital role in India’s policy formulation and development efforts. He is currently the editor of The Journal of Entrepreneurship, a renowned publication on entrepreneurship.

Dr Sunil Shukla shared his thoughts about WeAct in an interaction. Excerpts:

Q – What is the motto of We Act?

Dr Sunil Shukla – Access, Connect, Transform: We break down barriers that prevent women entrepreneurs from scaling & expand. As a national-level organisation that works with entrepreneurs, we provide hand-to-hand support and instruction on all marketing and publicity details. WeAct shows its commitment to making every micro business sustainable and profitable.

Q – How would the organisation unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs in India?

SS – WeAct offers its members access to expert advice online, training, mentorship, and energiser workshops through video conferencing and virtual and physical buyer-seller meetings. WeAct provides financial ideas, digital support, and proper knowledge of the management of digital promotions, authentic business ideas, quick and improved business results, updated information on the current market status, and strong motivation to improve your small or micro-businesses.

Q – How does WeAct create more trade opportunities for women?

SS – We have supported our members by helping with product development, design, product analysis, market access, financial support, business development & technology support like WhatsApp business, facebook market, creating social media accounts, and websites for all the members. This support has enhanced the growth of the members by 100%.

Q – Is WeAct taking any steps for women empowerment and entrepreneurs in rural India?

SS – WeAct, as an organisation, saw the need for women entrepreneurs who didn’t have any support when they started their businesses. WeAct works with the rural women entrepreneurs by handholding for the product development, business plan, and pitching to various venture capitals to raise funds. It also assists them with government schemes & policies to set up their unities, market tie-up to grow their business with social media strategies & ideas, website development, and educating them on technology platforms to grow and reach more markets.

Q – How can We Act help digitise women-led businesses in urban and rural India?

SS – All the members from WeAct have been trained in digital literacy. They learn how to set up their business on eCommerce platforms and use social media to promote their business. The rural & urban business women have set up their digital payment gateways & QR Codes.

Q – What efforts WeAct has put in to be more visible and approachable in the women entrepreneur’s community?

SS – WeAct has enrolled nearly 6581 members, and 75% of successful rural & urban women-led businesses are set up with five different partners pan India. In 3 different categories food & agro, handloom & handicraft, and household supplies.