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Shailya Varma Awarded the WCR Corp Iconic Achiever Award 2021 As A Woman Achiever For Excellence In Marketing And Branding

Shailya Varma

Mumbai, September 29: Shailya Varma, a Marketing Branding Consultant from Hyderabad, awarded WBR CORP’s Iconic Achiever Award 2021 in the category of women achiever in marketing and branding for recognition of her contributions and achievement in promoting the true spirit of marketing and branding.

This award is a token of appreciation and recognition to honour the individuals and businesses who are visionaries behind today’s outstanding lifestyle. Shailya Varma won this award after ensuring her credibility and performance throughout the year.

Receiving the award, Shailya Varma said, “We can draw out brilliant ideas for a new India while stepping forward through strategies that can transform various lives and the nation’s potential. This new entrepreneurial energy is what can take India to the next level. I look forward to working more and more for the marketing and branding field while supporting society who has given us so much and has potential to grow more.”

With over a decade of experience, she has evolved from an intern to a well-established entrepreneur in the Branding & Marketing spectrum. She has worked with various companies before starting her entrepreneurial journey. During her tenure, she has brought various innovative and creative marketing and branding ideas to help the company and give back to society at the same time.

She helped the various companies attain the desired results through her innovative concepts of sustainable living. Shailya has been recognized for her constant efforts and dedication to her role by the brands she worked on before becoming a consultant.

Shailya has contributed to this field with ideas that can help society to grow. Therefore, she believes that one of her best marketing and branding strategies for her client during the pandemic was generating employment opportunities and supporting women working from home.

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She has been recognized and honoured with various other awards for her persistent efforts, dynamic marketing strategies, and significant contributions in marketing and branding.