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sKarn RoboticS – Wecript ecosystem announces to raise $15 Million in Series A Round

New Delhi [India], August 26: sKarn RoboticS is the first tech giant to launch a safe and secure ecosystem, Wecript. With a better, safe, and secure internet communication ecosystem offering search engine, browser and messenger solutions for customers and CRM SAAS products for SMEs, SMB and large Enterprises, sKarn RoboticS aims to protect users’ data with no search trail and data confidentiality. Wecript ecosystem built with the best state-of-the-art technology that provides a better and safer Internet world. With a vision to transform a massive and growing $500+ billion global market, the team is getting a step closer towards its Series A funding, i.e. 15 million dollar funding at 300 million valuations. Many investors have shown keen interest in funding the Indian startup sKarn, and the top management will decide shortly.

The sKarn & Wecript team believes that the right to privacy is a fundamental right, and companies must take all the measures to safeguard personal data. Thus, sKarn RoboticS introduced the Wecript product line to address privacy issues online. In this Internet era, it’s impossible to stay away from the web world. The users completely rely on the internet World from the daily alarm to ordering groceries to bedtime stories. Unfortunately, they aren’t aware that their personal information is being tracked. Your online privacy is safeguarded with a products ecosystem like Wecript search engine, Wecript SaaS, Wecript eCommerce, Wecript Web Apps, Wecript Mobile Apps, and Wecript Transportation.

The Wecript SaaS Apps assists in automatic developing, designing, and maintaining & licensing various software packages like ERP, CRM, and client-server applications. You can easily manage your project as the software tracks time & expenses, creates invoices, adds the company’s employees, tracks their attendance, and manage leaves.

The Wecript search engine runs on its inherent program with advanced features such as private download manager, clean design, app lock, reader mode, and so on. The in-built Wecript browser prevents data tracking and data leakage. With a mission to provide data protection and security to its users through its remarkable privacy-focused products and services, sKarn RoboticS aims to increase its outreach nationwide and on a global scale.

sKarn RoboticS is Government accredited and is recognized by DPIIT as Startup India. The government is supporting it as a revolutionary startup. Supported by ex-Google employees, sKarn RoboticS is taking on the giants such as Google and Microsoft. Its expansion plan is looking for investors to participate in the upcoming Series A FundRaising round. sKarn RoboticS is raising 15 million dollars at  300 million valuations and assures to offer more diversified and technological advancements through its products and services to keep its stakeholders happy and content. The funds will primarily be used for hiring, RnD, infrastructure and data center development.

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