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Sonali Puri Launches Global Corporate Banking Marketplace – WiredUp

The Ex-banker successfully launched the Corporate Banking Marketplace in Mumbai.

Mumbai, February 15: A former banker with two decades of banking experience in Global Markets and Commercial Banking, Sonali Puri has launched the World’s first Corporate Banking Marketplace, WiredUp. The application is brought forward to cater to companies’ corporate finance and Fx Risk management needs globally and provide an avenue to facilitate global trade seamlessly and efficiently.

WiredUp is an all-in-one solution that bridges the gap between corporations and banking/financial partners. The company operates in 3 main verticals, including Global Financial Products, Sell Local-Global, and FX Live. They are the first global corporate financial services marketplace with Learn & Earn and Hire & Seek services.

Onboarding their app, Corporates can easily find the right banking partner/s for their corporate banking requirements. On the other hand, for Financial Partners, WiredUp helps in the conversion of the business development process from push to pull model. It allows financial partners to quickly access potential buyers looking for specific financial products. They can use the app chat feature to connect with and respond to their clients’ queries and close deals on the app.

The Learn & Earn is an advanced feature that allows users to book corporate training in specialized areas of banking with the WiredUp team. Using this feature, companies will learn about banking/ regulatory topics to upscale their financial know-how. The experts hold sessions and workshops on a free/ paid model to offer financial guidance and mentorship. On the other hand, Hire & Seek enables job seekers to reach out to relevant and reliable employers. Companies can also use this feature to post job vacancies to get hold of suitable job candidates. The companies and job seekers can interact directly and compare parameters for quick and informed decision-making.

WiredUp also offers FX Live, a complete risk management tool with live currency rates and exposure management tools. The company is also set to introduce its new feature Sell Local-Global, allowing companies to showcase their products globally and reach out to buyers in different geographies. In parallel, use the financial products vertical to consummate the transaction using the Right Financial Tools.

Shedding light on the advantages of this unique platform, Sonali Puri, the Founder of WiredUp, shares, “While multiple financial partners are offering multiple products/ services, choosing the best fit can be perplexing for the business owners. WiredUp makes global banking and financial services easy to understand so that the corporates can make seamless decisions. We envision that WiredUp will play an important role in creating value for companies enabling them to get the “Right Product with the Right Partner at the Right Value at the Right Time.”

Sonali started her career in HDFC Bank and, after spending a couple of years, went on to develop and manage the large corporates Forex desk in ICICI, handling almost every large listed entity in the domain of Fx Trading. She received her 1st award of being the 1st and the fastest to reach the $ 100 Billion Volume by none other than Mr. K V Kamath himself. Her last stint was with Citi, where she spent 12 years in all with a brief stint at Deutsche Bank in between. After gathering the best of experience and understanding the gaps in the system and the challenges faced by companies and Banks/ Financial partners, she moved on to begin her journey and created WiredUp.