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Stalwart Esports Acquires The Champions Of PMPL SA, Becomes The First Indian Esport Organisation To Adopt Crypto And Blockchain Tech.

New Delhi [India], August 31: In the first, Stalwart Esports, a professional Esports organisation headquartered in India, has announced the acquisition of their new Pubg Mobile Lineup in South Asia, which makes them the highest-paid athletes in Pubg Mobile Esports across South Asia region and also announced the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment model.

The Star-Studded Lineup will represent the fledgling Esports company at the upcoming Pubg Mobile Pro League, South Asia (PMPL SA) and other events.

In the official announcement, Stalwart stated that its acquired players had proven their mettle in previous PMPL SA Championships.

Some of their previous achievements include:

  1. Winning the Pubg Mobile Pro League SA Championship, which carried a massive prize pool of $150,000.
  2. Winning the Pubg Mobile Club Open Wildcard 2021.

It revealed that the players’ lineup, previously known as Astra Academy, is the most expensive one across South Asia.

The Complete roster is as below.

  • STE | Action2a
  • STE | Pika2a
  • STE | Top2a
  • STE | Apex2a
  • STE | Skryyy2a
  • STE | Senator2a

The players will also be rewarded with special perks and non-monetary benefits that will be solely based on their performance every month.

The company further added that it has already incorporated crypto in place of cash in its current balance sheet, making it the first to officially introduce and adopt crypto and blockchain technology to the esports ecosystem.

Speaking on the momentous expansion and the adoption of blockchain, Zeyan Shafiq, 19, Founder & CEO, Stalwart Esports, said: “We look forward to great achievements with them and more trophies under our name. These players have  records in their past tournaments.”

“Any athlete that we sponsor now will be paid in cryptocurrencies only. It is because we believe that crypto is the future of the tech-savvy gaming industry, and there is a huge scope of blockchain tech with esports. It also helps us to make payments from India to Mongolia, where most of our players are from, within 10 minutes, dodging the traditional mode of payment, which would usually take weeks to transfer the amount to them.”

“Also, later this year, we’re planning to launch our own fan crypto token. Our supporters can use it to buy and trade in the cryptocurrencies,” he added.

Shafiq mentioned that the players could switch to fiat currency by selling the cryptos via P2P. This method offers them the flexibility to explore different payment models.

Exhilarated by the acquisition, Yuvraj Kumar, VP- Esport Operations, Stalwart said: “This is our best acquisition till date, and we are aiming at the trophies of the upcoming PMPL and PMGC. It is something they’ve done in the past and are capable of doing again.”

Commenting on the joining, the team leader of the lineup, Pika, stated: “We are happy to join Stalwart Esports, and we look forward to achieving more records. It is an exciting journey for us, and we are just aiming at the #1 position because no one remembers the #2, and we are here to make an impact.”

The MVP of PMPL SA Championship, Action, stated: “We are happy that Stalwart Esports Decided to enter and invest in the Mongolian esports ecosystem. In this new journey, we will make sure that the world remembers our name”.

About Stalwart Esports: Stalwart Esports is a professional Esports organisation headquartered in India. Within two years, the startup has extraordinarily proliferated across South Asia. The organisation’s vision is to nurture the esports ecosystem and make it a part of mainstream sports. Stalwart Esports has structured

teams in PUBGM, Clash Royale, PES across South Asia.