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Startup Mogi I/O patents ‘Buffer Free’ video streaming technology

New Delhi, 14th March 2022: Mogi I/O, B2B Media-Tech SaaS start-up that is leveraging Artificial intelligence (AI) in building cutting-edge IPs to disrupt the Video streaming space has bagged a patent for its unique, buffer-free video streaming technology. The patent was recently awarded by the Government of India’s Indian Patent Office for 20 years. Mogi I/O has a unique multi-CDN (content delivery network) architecture that optimizes for the fastest video delivery, in a buffer-free way, at the lowest cost.

Explaining its technological breakthrough, Rahul Lahoria, CTO & Co-founder of Mogi I/O said “A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of geographically distributed servers that speed up the delivery of content by bringing it closer to where users are and caches the content in a local server for future reference and use. This is how conventional CDNs work. However, at Mogi IO our biggest learning has been that there is nothing like a perfect CDN. Even the so-called best CDN networks have a huge band of variability in their performance. This leads to buffering & compromised video viewing experience for the end-user.

To address this core issue Mogi has developed its unique CDN technology where we can seamlessly switch between CDNs in real-time for every individual user depending on which CDN is the best performing for a specific user, at a particular point in time, in that geo-location. Mogi I/O’s multi-CDN technology will help our customers with highly optimized video delivery, at extremely competitive costs”

CDN is a CAPEX-intensive business. With the huge surge in video streaming demand globally during the pandemic, video streaming volume is exceeding the CDN capacity. The situation becomes even more acute during peak traffic hours when the traffic could be five to ten times the average traffic on the streaming platforms. This leads to network congestion & buffering issues and eventually even CDN outages.

These network congestions and outages are only going to increase in the future unless the CDN capacity is expanded or there is a tech breakthrough. Mogi I/O’s patented multi CDN technology is a perfect solution to these issues. Additionally, there is an inbuilt redundancy in its architecture which ensures that if one CDN has an outage Mogi streaming engine can automatically switch over to another best performing CDN in micro milliseconds

Mogi IO’s second IP is its AI-based transcoding and compression, which compresses videos by 50 percent better as compared to convention transcoding solutions available in the market. This ensures that not only the videos are lighter and play buffer-free, but video streaming costs also go down to half.

Vikrant Khanna, CEO and Co-Founder of Mogi I/O said, “Mogi I/O has two kinds of customers – First are those content platforms which want to “go video”. For them, we have built an end-to-end stack for streaming the videos buffer-free. It could be video or demand (VoD) or live streaming. The second kind of customers who are content owners and want an end-to-end content platform, totally managed, plug and play. For this customer, Mogi has a white label OTT solution, which enables them to launch their own, branded OTT platform instantly on Android, IOS, Web, and Smart TV. While the backend content management system (CMS) provides customization options. There is end-to-end buffer-free streaming on Mogi’s patented streaming engine and monetization happens for the content owners via SVOD (subscription), TVOD (pay per view), and AVOD (Ads). Our vision is to empower millions of content owners to instantly start monetizing their content via our world-class, white-label OTT solution. Our pricing is disruptive as there is No Capex, it’s purely a pay-as-you scale model which starts for as little as 40 dollars per month.”