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Sustainability is the driving force of Shahlon Group

Innovation and sustainability form the foundation of Shahlon Group, a leading Surat-based textile enterprise. Having been in the business for nearly 4 decades, the group has embraced changes, faced challenges and yet believed in evolving through innovation. 

The group was founded in 1984 with 12 traditional power looms and, over a period of time, had organic growth through forward and backward integration. Today it has a complete integrated manufacturing set-up from various value additions in yarns to manufacturing fabric and garments.

‘Fairdeal Group’ or ‘ShahlonGroup’, is a Surat-based, well-known manufacturing conglomerate with a top line of over Rs400 crores in the textile business and has business diversified into manufacturing of Synthetic Textile products (e.g. yarn, fabric), technical textile (non-woven fabric) and development of industrial infrastructure (e.g. development of the industrial park, Common Effluent Treatment Plant etc.). The group recognised as ‘Two Star Export House’ has ISO 9001-2015, Oeko Tex Standard, Global Recycled Standard, & Higg Index certification. It exports yarn & fabric to various countries with an export turnover of Rs. 75 crores. The group also has business with Reliance in yarn products and manages a fast delivery center (C & F Agent) of Reliance Group. Recently, the ShahlonGroup has consolidated its major textile business under Shahlon Silk Industries Limited, a BSE listed company, to generate synergies through merging similar businesses. 

Shahlon Group is a leading manufacturer of man-made fabrics in India. Its product categories mainly include dress materials, technical fabric (fabric for PPE kits), furnishing fabrics & furnishing yarns (used in carpets), manufacturing of value-added yarns (e.g. Sized yarn – Cotton & Synthetic, texturised yarn, crap yarn etc.), split yarn, non-woven fabric and yarn dyeing. Major production of this group is exported to various countries/continents. 

The group, which is also engaged in developing industrial parks, has created a milestone in the development of the textile park in Surat. The group has successfully completed Sayan Textile Park, Fairdeal Textile Park, Fairdeal Industrial Park, Karanj Textile Park, Shahlon Textile Park, Jayraj Textile Park and developments of Tadkeshwar Infra LLP are in progress. 

The Shahlon group believes in a clean and green way of doing business which is reflected in its business processes. The group has an effluent treatment plant with a capacity of 1.5 MLD per day for wastewater treatment to minimise the natural waste flow. The group has four Windmills (4.55 MW) through which we cater to 30% -35% of its power requirement. It proposes to set up a new CETP plant at Kosamba with 20 MLD at its integrated textile park and one at Karanj to minimise the open discharge of contaminated water (Effluent) generated by the surrounding water jet looms’ owners. 

The group is running a skill development program with the support of the Central Government /State Government to provide employment to youth from surrounding villages and migrants from other states. It consistently trains its employees and contractors for health and wellbeing while providing an extremely safe work environment. The Shahlon Group regularly organises blood donation and health check-up camps at its premises. Besides this, it assisted in spreading cleanliness in nearby villages and has supported villagers in opening bank accounts. It regularly advises them regarding financial planning.

Chairman of Shahlon Silk Industries Limited, Mr. Dhiraj R. Shah, 67, graduated in commerce and has been in Textile Business since 1984. Having received the ‘Outstanding Businessman’ award from The South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the year 2014, he is involved with various business associations & government departments. He is the chairman of the Synthetic Reyon & Textile Export Promotion Council and Chairman of the Technology Upgradation and modernisation committee of South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also chairman of Fairdeal Textile Park, a modern Weaving Park. Mr Shah is a member of the Regional Advisory Committee of excise. He has also been president of the South Gujarat Texturisers Welfare Association and Textile Working Group of the Gujarat State government.