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Sustenance For All Environmental Services And Allied Products Under Single Roof – As Wing Of Hope For Environmental Sustainability

July 29: Environment awareness goes beyond taking action to include relevant permissions & adhering to regulations. Its time for Sustainable Environment and to do something beyond compliance, beyond legal requirements for betterment of Mother Nature and Environment. A professional guidance in these aspects goes a long way to help companies, industries & organisations to achieve their goals related to Sustainable Environment.

ECOgreen Enviro Services is one such emerging & leading name in the field of environment. It specializes in full-service in the field of environmental legal services/consultancy, environmental impact assessment studies (NABET Accredited EIA Consultant), environmental compliance services, due diligence services, performance enhancement studies of EMS, and turnkey projects (ETP/STP/CETP) &others. ECOgreen Enviro Services is a professional body with over 20 qualified engineers, functional area experts, EIA co-ordinators, ETP/STP/CETP design experts among others. In short, the company delivers sustainable results for a better world. By understanding today, it helps in improving tomorrow.

The company’s transparent and professional approach, commitment to excellent quality and services and prompt deliveries have earned them a positive repute in this field. The company that has two offices has completed more than 100 projects in more than 10 different sectors.

ECOgreen solves all the client’s challenges through a combination of strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives with technical expertise and pragmatic action. The company’s vision is to be a premier and unrivalled provider of result oriented, environmentally sound, sustainable, value added & customer-oriented solutions.

The other services provided by ECOgreen includes Airport NOC for building height clearance, Fire NOC for building construction projects, CGWA permission for ground water withdrawal, PESO permission for storage &handling of solvents &other chemicals and quality management consultancy for QCI, NABET / NABL accreditation (accreditation services).

This service-oriented company in the environmental field, has also expanded its presence in the market to become one of the most recognized companies in environmental engineering too. Its products come with world class quality through innovation & proven methodology. ECOgreen’s products include design, supply and packaging of wide capacity of packaged wastewater treatment plants (STP), flocculators, Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Zero Liquid Discharge ETPs. Services also include upgradation, troubleshooting, operation and maintenance. All these products and services come with proven &advance technologies like conventional ASP, Advance Oxidation Process (Fenton Process), MBBR, SBR, MBR, UF, NF, RO & MEE.

Also, as today, we are witnessing for the plastic waste as the severe and highly problematic pollution, we have already initiated to enhance our services regarding the same by means of providing consultancy for the plastic waste management registration for Importers, generators, Brand Owners and helping for implementation of EPR (Extended Producers Responsibility) for the Environmental sound management of plastic waste and compliance under the Plastic waste Rules,2016 and its amendment time to time to become helping hand and also being catalyst of the Government’s plastic pollution prevention drive.

On this World Nature Conservation Day, lets come together to take environment awareness seriously. Come, be a part of ECOgreen Enviro Services to fulfil your goals of sustainable development with sustainable environment.