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T.A.C. innovating Ayurveda for the masses, bringing closer to every home across the globe

T.A.C bring solutions from the dusted pages of Ayurveda to Gen Z & millennials, creating a connection with the 3000-year-old science of life: Founders of T.A.C

September 7: The Ayurveda Company (T.A.C.) is one of the fastest-growing brands in the beauty and wellness sector, providing ethically crafted, premium & eco-conscious personal & healthcare products at mass prices. T.A.C. embarked on the journey to popularize the pure, unadulterated Ayurvedic value in households across the globe in 2021 with an ambitious vision by Founders- Shreedha Singh and Param Bhargava- who themselves are vocal advocates of the holistic wellbeing of body, mind and soul, achieved through the lineage of Ayurveda. T.A.C is backed by Wipro Consumer Cares and is India’s first brand to get seed funding from the venture.

Today’s busy lifestyle and travel work life lead to many skin-related problems and the founders of T.A.C faced the same experience, which led them to form a solution for the same. “Due to the rigorous lifestyle and work, Shreedha developed a persistent skin condition known as hives when she moved to Gurugram. In the southern part of India, Shreedha came to understand the true meaning of Ayurveda, its grace and simplicity, and its capacity to resolve any health-related issues. The struggle is the time and effort Ayurveda demands and the weakened belief system of consumers in Ayurveda’s effectiveness. So, Shreedha & I wanted to bring out this Science of Life for the masses at the right price points in the highest quality, to make it available for everyone so that people can adopt Ayurveda in their everyday lives easily”.

As we all know, the Ayurveda market in India has been growing exponentially. For the longest time, the divide between mass Ayurveda & premium Ayurveda has polarized the audience. Within the section of the audience that is aware of Ayurveda could either choose mass ayurvedic products, which didn’t match the quality expectations, or premium ayurvedic products, which were not affordable for the masses. This is where T.A.C comes in the picture. Our innovation lies in bringing out such high-quality ayurvedic products at the most affordable price points for the masses. We are innovating Ayurveda for the masses, bringing them closer to every home of the nation and all across the globe. This way, we bring solutions from the dusted pages of Ayurveda to Gen Z & millennials, creating a connection with the 3000-year-old science of life.

Lack of awareness about Ayurveda is the foremost challenge faced by the founders. “It has been a consistent part of our lives in one way or the other, but the medical industry has reinforced that Ayurveda is slow and ineffective for its reasons.  It is a challenge to break that stigma around Ayurveda and to pull down the efforts put into building the wall through the ages to bring out and about the true power of Ayurveda in front of everyone”.

Futher he added, “T.A.C. is on its way to becoming India’s fastest startup, reaching a 100 cr run rate in less than 24 months. In the next 5 years, we foresee our expansion across multiple categories of Ayurveda, with revolutionary formulations and a high-quality product range at affordable prices. In the bigger picture, we aim to be a part of 5 cr households with our solution-driven, safe & ayurvedic range of products. With that our target 5x profitability making T.A.C. debut in the I.P.O. market.