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Taal Mell: A Revolutionary Initiative to Rescue and Reclaim the World

The pandemic seems like it’s here to stay so it is time we put light on other helpful initiatives that are trying to heal the world in their respective ways. Several business ventures are trying to reclaim the world from several environmental crises presently. And Taal Mell is one such initiative that is giving its best to rescue the world from the expanding pollution crisis.

Taal Mell is a thoughtful initiative started by two young and charismatic college graduates, Harshi Choudhary and Parag Maheshwari, on June 7, 2020, amidst the unsettling circumstances of the ever-escalating coronavirus pandemic.

The two fiercely determined youths first came up with the idea of their innovative business venture when they lost their dearest campus placement opportunities due to the coronavirus pandemic. This particular life event was the biggest turning point for them. It helped them accept the situation and gave them the needed motivation to move ahead.

So, the two friends came together and arranged funds that could be used to establish their brand, “Taal Mell”.

Taal Mell provides good quality plastic alternatives at the best prices to help people make mindful purchase choices amidst the escalating pollution crisis. The founders clearly understand that eradicating plastic isn’t going to be easy. But they wish to contribute their part by making people shift to their products to preserve the environment.

Taal Mell’s first product launch was its exclusively designed copper bottles. These bottles helped them make a breakthrough in the sustainable and plastic-free product alternatives market. Such large scale of their product, as well as brand, motivated them to provide better quality sustainable products at a much lower price apart from the copper bottles. Such as wooden combs, recycled paper pens, coconut shell bowls, and many more.

They are trying to get their products distributed across all sections of society at an equal pace so that more people can join their revolutionary initiative to transform the world.

Despite the growing issues like escalating raw material prices, new Covid-19 restriction guidelines, company registration delays, and product sample delays. The founders knew no other way than to move ahead. Maybe because they understand the gravity of the situation better than anybody else. They know it would take work to break dependence on inexpensive and reliable plastic. So, they are doing what must be done, doing their best to reduce our growing reliance on plastic with their sustainable and eco-friendly products.

In February 2021, The 20-year old founders were extremely elated when Taal Mell was recognized as the Swatch Bharat Ambassador by the government for its continuous and conscientious efforts towards eradicating plastic by offering attractive and cheaper sustainable product alternatives were honoured and much appreciated. (Products include copper bottles, Neem wood combs, recycled paper pens, coconut shell bowls, and many more. There revolutionary initiative to create a plastic-free world by distributing sustainable and eco-friendly products throughout the Indian social classes.

Taal Mell has a lot more in store for the future. The brand aims to reach millions of responsible citizens of the world by convincing them to make mindful choices that would further help preserve the ecosystem. Taal Mell certainly has a long way to go. Check out their website at