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Tanya Puri Shaking Up the Bridal Beauty Industry with her A-game

Tanya holds more than 15 years of experience in the industry and has hustled her way to the top.

New Delhi, Aug 17: There are several success stories to look up to across fields and sectors. However, do all go ahead in inspiring us? Well, there are a few rare gems across industries, especially women professionals, who have changed the game of business and have emerged as one of the finest talents for the world to know. The beauty industry, amongst many others, has increasingly seen the rise of women makeup artists and hairstylists who have hustled and passionately moved their way to the top. Serving as one of the most sought-after professionals is Tanya Puri from New Delhi, who successfully runs her Tanya L’Oréal Salon.

Emphasizing how bridal makeup all through these years has seen significant changes, Tanya says, “It is great to notice the change and the fact that beauticians and makeup artists all over the world are embracing these changes. As part of an industry that oozes creativity and artistry, one needs to walk with the industry’s trends and contribute their innovative ideas to take the industry higher. For bridal makeup, choices of colour palettes amongst brides from all parts of the world have also seen a change. Some still prefer the traditional subtle yet classy look, while others are all for adding boldness that can add that oomph on their D-Day.” 

Tanya Puri specializes in soft and subtle classy makeup. She has done more than thousands of bride’s makeup till now. Tanya initially worked as an Air-hostess and then the beauty bug bit her, eventually helping her land into the beauty business. She did courses from London and Australia from some of the best artists and makeup and beauty courses from India as well. The ace makeup artist and hairstylist has earned a colossal list of clientele, boasting of many celebrities and cricketers like Gautam Gambhir and Ishant Sharma.

Tanya Puri is a Bridal makeup artist who has made a special niche with her salon in New Delhi. Her salon conducts professional makeup, beauty and hairstyling classes, helping women become skilled, enhancing their knowledge in beauty and turning them into professionals in the industry. The passionate makeup artist has become the top choice for any girls dream bridal look, which is why she is sought-after among young girls who seek that dewy look.

To find out more, follow her on Instagram @tanyapurimakeovers.