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Tech-Driven D2C sleep solutions disrupting the segment

Gone are the days when crazy tricks and methods were used to make a person go a good sleep. Be it having sleeping pills, smelling lavenders, squeezing your toes, or chanting any secret mantra. Technology is changing every minute and so is the approach of the sleeping solution Industry. No, I’m not talking about the remix of the age-old Lullaby, nor I’m talking about a new trick for Hypnosis. I’m talking about the Tech-Driven smart products, that are changing the way of helping someone have a good night’s sleep, especially the DTC sleep solutions.

Factors including rising income levels, growing health consciousness, and growth in the real estate and hospitality sectors, among others, accelerated the sleep solutions segment, and it’s not surprising that they are offering innovative and technology-heavy sleep solutions have come to the fore and have created its niche place.

D2C Tech-Driven Sleep Solutions companies are producing smart products like premium mattresses, pillows, and covers that cool down the body and give the comfortable and best sleeping experience a person can get.

Things to keep in Mind when Buying such a product.

There are various such innovative products in the market like Green Tea Mattresses, Breathable Mattresses, Temperature controlling mattresses, cannabidiol (CBD) mattresses, etc. But while buying these products, be sure to ask a few questions like; does it release harmful gases and substance particles in the air? Is it CertiPUR-US certified or not?

What is a CertiPUR-US certificate?

CertiPUR-US® is a certificate issued by a non-profit organization that works to make mattress foam free of harmful chemicals and substances that could harm nature and us. If the mattress you are buying is CertiPUR certified, it means that “It is made without the use of harmful chemicals like ozone depleters, mercury or formaldehyde” and is safe for use.

“US Certiguard is a reliable and trusted source for the latest in bedding and sleep protection technology.” CertiGuard antimicrobial technology provides long-lasting protection by inhibiting the growth of microbes. It effectively reduces the potential for stain that keeps the mattress clean and hygienic internally and externally and maintains its aesthetics.

These technologies ensure that any harmful substances and chemicals are not used. As these can affect nature and develop many diseases in the human body. A mattress should provide premium quality sleep without leaving any negative effects either on humans or nature itself.

How D2C sleep solution is growing
With time, our lifestyles have changed a lot. The majority of people spend most of their time sitting or lying, due to having a desk job or just having nothing to do. This change has led to a lot of sleeping issues like Insomnia, Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, incorrect posture, and many such problems. But thankfully, with the increase in such problems, the awareness and requirements of the people have also changed. The customers are ready to pay for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.
Using integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, and advanced technology to make the operations & logistics seamless, or offer technologically advanced products, the focus of sleep solutions companies is to enhance the lives of customers at every touchpoint during the purchase and post-purchase stage. Certain brands are introducing mattresses with properties like breathability, no odor, zero sagging, long-lasting and temperature controlling, etc.
Thus, the sleep solution industry is making the best use of modern technology and research to develop and promote their products to the masses as they can see a bright future for this segment. Due to the increasing demand for these kinds of products, the sleep market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6.11% during the period 2020−2026.