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The Amazing Journey of Sam Mehrbod (Ph.D)

New Delhi (India),  February 2: Sam Mehrbod is a renowned entrepreneur and famous realtor in the Real-Estate world. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southampton. He has been practicing his learnings mixed with his own findings in today’s volatile Real Estate market helping thousands of agents make the most out of their efforts on digital marketing platforms.  He has been serving since 2010 when he established the Excellent Builders and since then he never stopped! The business market, Real Estate, in particular, has been the focus of Sam’s endeavors in recent years. The emergence of new technologies has driven Real Estate gurus to take a different route toward maximizing their results. Sam has been no exception.

He holds a doctorate degree in Construction and Project management which made him even more insightful regarding the issues of realtors and the recurring changes in market values most importantly during the recession. Turbulent times, such as the one we are in now, call for different methods and tactics. After all, what might have worked yesterday, may now be just an effort in vain. Sam’s deep insights into how the market reacts to different times, have enabled him to guide thousands of agents through different stages of the marketing cycles.  He expresses his thoughts and addresses the important issues of realtors by writing in the Forbes journal. His thoughts in the Forbes journal have always been in line with the trending topics of Real Estate’s current issues. Through, his eloquent pen, Sam has helped his audience see the market through a clear lens tackling the most debated controversies regarding agents’ role on social media and digital marketing.

roomvu and its Aim!

Sam Mehrbod(Ph.D.) is currently leading an online platform that is serving around 90 thousand realtors within Vancouver. roomvu provides Real Estate agents and mortgage brokers with versatile marketing tools, including but not limited to, social media content and automation, land pages and lead generation tools, email marketing, and so on. The aim of the platform is to minimize the agents’ role in their online presence, freeing up time for them to take part in the actual client management.

roomvu is driven by an AI engine that scours the web to create customized and tailored content for Real Estate agents based on their geographical location and farming area. Roomvu has recognized the importance of video in today’s marketing world and has focused its effort on creating valuable, local, and branded videos for agents.

The content, however, is just the beginning of what roomvu offers. Content customization and branding, automatic distribution through different channels including social media and emails, following up with potential leads, and also generating new leads through paid and unpaid means like online ads and landing pages are just a few more examples of what roomvu does for Real Estate agents.