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The DIY culture in the pandemic has brought industrial pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes into households

“Tapes are no longer a temporary solution,” says Mr. Rahul Rajgaria, Founder of Pentagon Tapes

Mumbai (Maharashtra)[India], November 13:  It has been observed that since the first wave of pandemics hit our country, people have become reliant on themselves, and this has given leverage to ensuring that people try and execute all DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects. This has directly helped increase the utilization of adhesive tapes that have exceptionally introduced many individuals to a much effortless and simpler bonding technique. Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes have prominently eliminated the use of complex and intricate bonding methods like nails, screws, and drilling machines. While initially tapes were only considered as a temporary fix before some permanent adhesive solution or tools were used, the invention of pressure-sensitive tapes has totally revolutionized their usage.

In today’s time, double-sided tapes have turned out to be more than just a party decoration sticking object, as the introduction of tapes like ‘Frame Mounting Tapes’, ‘Mirror Mounting Tapes’ and ‘Panel Bonding Tapes’ has completely revolutionized the usage of these double-sided adhesive tapes when asked Mr. Rahul Rajgaria, the founder of Pentagon Tapes about the uses of these tapes he mentioned. “If you notice in the toolkit of any individual, you are always going to find adhesive tapes which are used to bond wires and tapes which we all know as double-sided tapes, as without these tapes our tool kit are incomplete. I wanted to develop tapes that will be helpful in more than just bonding papers, decorative materials, and electric wires. It’s been more than a decade since we used our first set of tapes, and they have proven to withstand all the temperature and weather-related challenges thrown towards them and have surpassed all the quality regulations set nationally and internationally.”

“While developing these huge metal and glass panel bonding tapes, we came across other ideas which can be used in households for tasks which are otherwise tedious in nature and would require additional assistance. With products like Mirror Mounting Tapes and Frame Mounting Tapes, any individual can easily use these tapes as a substitute to using hammer and screws, which in return will safeguard your walls from permanent scar and damage,” he added. The sudden incline towards doing the chores ourselves has been made simpler through the use of such innovative adhesive tapes.

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