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The Mental and Emotional Healthcare startup LISSUN raises $1 Mn in Pre-Seed round

The Brand Solves mental health by integrating it into mainstream healthcare

Funds raised will be used to develop technology and foster healthcare partnerships

 Plans to expand its operation in 25 cities and 5 new therapeutic areas

Gurugram: Lissun, a full-stack solution for mental and emotional healthcare, has announced the close of their ~$ 1 Mn Pre SEED fundraising round. The round led by IvyCap Ventures witnessed participation from syndicates like We Founder Circle and Supermorpheous, along with marquee angel investors like Gaurav Munjal (Co-Founder and CEO at Unacademy), Harsh Jain (COO, Groww), Sandeep Aggarwal (Founder of Droom and ShopClues), Pavan Vaish (Founder of IBM Daksh and ex-CEO of IBM India), SasiKuppannagri (Senior technocrat, Amazon and Intel, USA), Pradeep Parameswaran (VP at Uber), Vikas Bhadoria (Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company), Praveen Sinha (Managing Director at PinCap) and others. 

Started by two senior executives, Dr Krishna Veer Singh and Tarun Gupta, who spent a lot of time building internet businesses in India through their stints in Flipkart, Oyo, Uber, etc. Lissun aims to solve mental health at scale by providing full-stack solutions. From the very beginning, they are reimagining existing solutions for mental health and developing new ones. They define the Mental Health field with a fresh look defined in 6As: Awareness, Acceptance, Anonymity, Access, Affordability, and Assurance

Lissun focuses on a unique B2H2C approach to customer acquisition by partnering with healthcare Institutions and establishments for high-stress use cases such as infertility, rehabilitation, nephrology, oncology, etc. Mental health interventions can better the treatment outcomes manifold here. In summary, more than an approach, Lissun sees it as a massive opportunity to integrate Mental Health into mainstream healthcare.On the Fund Raise, Dr Krishna Veer Singh, Co-Founder, Lissun, affirmed, “While we always wanted to get into the mental health and serve the customers, it was a challenge to devise the most effective way. The model we work on reaches a wider audience and penetrates deeper into the challenge. The very fact that mental and emotional issues can be an underlying problem in many medical cases is what we have identified and are working on proactively. This model has enabled impressive growth in all aspects of the brand. And with this round, it is established that the concept and model have also gained investors’ trust. We are glad that with the right mentorship from the investors, we will be able to accelerate our pace towards achieving our ambition of solving mental health at scale in India and beyond.”

“Many startups entered the mental health space in the last couple of years, but Lissun has been able to distinguish its strategy and business model. The B2H2C approach that it has taken allows the brand to reach its customers efficiently. Lissun serves the mental health space proactively by associating with healthcare partners and medical practitioners from across the field and reaching the unaware.,” said Mr Vikram Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures.

“It is imperative that mental and emotional wellness receives attention, especially now when technology and information are so accessible. Unfortunately, over the years, it, instead of gaining significance, became a taboo. However, Lissun, with its unique approach to the problem, brings the attention of a larger set of customers to how it is linked with mainstream healthcare. Therefore, it is not just an investment, but belief that Lissun must receive the required encouragement to extend the right help to people out there,” said Mr Neeraj Tyagi, Co-Founder & CEO, We Founder Circle 

As the brand has already partnered with 70+ healthcare partners with impressive engagement from the end customers. LISSUN currently has a presence in 17 cities and provides contextual solutions for six healthcare categories. Lissun will use the freshly raised investment to strengthen the product’s technology backbone and develop it further to provide a seamless experience. It will also utilize a part of the fund to expand to 25 cities and 5 New categories.