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The Mindful Mandala Art Workshop by Fuzia starts tomorrow

December 1: Do you want to explore, create & experience the magical world of Mandalas? Learn the basics, techniques and step by step illustrations of creating Mandalas with us. Register Now.

The Mandala (Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion”) has a long history and is recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness with many people and cultures vouching for the mandala’s intrinsic meaning.

This workshop will not only help you learn this meditative art form but will also help you create a balance in life through the use of art as meditation.

Session’s Brief:

1- Introduction and basic rules of Mandala

2- Mandala art form history and types

3- Combining patterns and designs into a Mandala

4- Learn about Mandala dotting and colouring

5- Co-creating with the artist in the Mandala Workshop

6- Wrap up and showcase the created artwork

What to expect (Benefits and Takeaways)

1- Learn to draw basics of Mandala Art from experts in a live interaction session

2- Create your personalized Mandala designs and give expression to your thoughts, creativity and imagination

3- Learn interconnection between Mandala and Mindfulness

4- FREE access to Ebook, and workshop recording

5- CERTIFICATE of Participation

6- Get a chance to participate in an exclusive Fuzia Contest and win exciting rewards

Material Required for the Workshop

1- A-4 size sheets
2- Pencil
3- Eraser
4- Ruler
5- Black gel pen
6- Compass
7- Protractor

Workshop Dates: 2nd December 2021
Workshop Timings: 5:00–6:30 PM (IST)
Duration: 90 mins
Mode: Online (Zoom)
Participation Fee: ₹149 /- only

Hurry! Limited seats only!!!

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