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The Role of AI in Education sector

Authored Article by Manish Mohta (Founder & CEO of Learning Spiral) 

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing drastic changes in technical fields, where it can be used to automate systems for better performance and efficiency, while we aren’t really aware of how AI makes everyday life simpler and easier. Artificial Intelligence enhances the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts. It is essential for AI and machine learning tools to learn various types of data annotations in order to produce the proper results, as AI has now been widely implemented in a wide variety of fields, including mobile phones, social networks, and the prevention and response of active threats. A real-time and accurate diagnosis of diseases can be accomplished by AI in an array of fields, including Automotive (self-driving cars), Virtual assistants or chatbots, Retail and E-commerce, Manufacturing, CyberSecurity, Healthcare and Medical Imaging Analysis, and many others, including Education.

Recently, many AI applications have been developed for the education sector. And so many processes have become simpler and faster. Students can participate in online courses without interruption and access all learning materials via computers, laptops and smart devices, so students can easily join classes and do not need to attend physical classes or internet connection. Many automation tasks are also handled by AI, smoothing the process and saving time and money.

AI in Education :

Artificial intelligence provides a secure solution to ensure the integrity of online test system assessments in a cost-effective and scalable manner. The use of AI can reduce or even eliminate the need for physical supervisors/inspectors and can make deployment far more scalable. And with AI-supported online supervision, such incidents are automatically highlighted. Warnings are often automated as well. This makes the system fairly reliable for conducting high-stakes exams without the hassle and risk of going to a centre to take the test. One can conduct online exams for remote users securely with AI-powered remote proctoring. A secure and cost-effective way to prevent cheating during online exams. System algorithms can help one to detect and prevent cheating during the online exam process. From Chatbots to automation AI is growing day by day in the education sector as well and we are yet to watch and experience greater AI applications in the future.

AI-Powered Remote Proctoring:

As online proctoring generates a large quantity of image/audio/video streams, the same can also be analyzed automatically using AI-based algorithms. Products like UCanAssess and Smart Exam meet the demanding high stake exam criteria and remote proctoring services.

How AI helps to conduct fair exams?

The AI Proctored assessment uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human proctors. Since a video of the candidate taking the test is recorded through a webcam, the AI is able to flag or report any suspicious movement or activity. An AI-assisted proctor is a software that is often powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which keeps an eye on a candidate while. It helps educational institutions by detecting voice, detecting another person apart from the examinee. The innovation also has the ability to freeze the examinee’s computer or phone screen, which stops them from opening any other tab on the device. The high-end proctors have the ability to read the candidate’s eye movement, which means reading from another device or a book. Any gestures or movements of the body can be captured as well. In some cases, audio and video of the examinees are recorded. In case of any issue, a message is sent to the authorities.

Learning Through Chatbots :

Chatbots are available 24*7 and help to Resolve students’ and potential students’ doubts related to admission, fees, subjects, classes, teachers, etc. It helps students to solve queries at any time of the day. Education chatbot works in a very effective and efficient manner. It presents a specific topic to the students in the form of text, images, videos, or a combination of these. After learning the topic, students take quizzes and submit the results to their teachers.

Personalized learning through recommendations :

AI helps students get personalized answers to relevant questions from teachers. It also helps educate students according to the issues and questions they face in class materials and online sessions. Students now have access to a larger system for interacting with professors. AI can provide fast feedback and work directly with students, giving them all the equipment they need to study remotely.

Education Without Boundaries :

AI can now help manage education systems, including exams, beyond boundaries. AI is facilitating the learning of any course across the globe and at any time and anywhere. Many AI applications are being used within the framework of the education system to help students get educated through online courses and online exams and to help many schools and colleges acquire the right students around the world. And in the future, more opportunities for development and courses will be available online, with AI-powered courses enabling students to learn from anywhere in the world and explore their skills remotely.

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Thus, AI-powered Remote Proctoring provides Ease of conducting online exams with utmost security.