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The StrEAT Food Festival was held at VR Surat with the theme of Gujarati Cuisine

Surat (Gujarat) : Dumas Art Project (DAP), the annual public art initiative, organised the first ever edition of StrEAT Food Festival, with Gujarati Cuisine at the fore in addition to regular StrEAT delicacies.

The StrEAT Food Festival had an array of local Gujarati delicacies like Dhokla, Khaman, Patraa, Fafda, Jalebi Rabdi in addition to the StrEAT kitchen – Olive Groove, Chini Thai and Flying Rani serving delicious dishes from around the world. The Art Food Pop-ups saw the authentic Surti-style food carts like Garma Garam, Surti Laari, Chatpat Chowpatty and Time Pass from StrEAT’s own umbrella of food carts. Also, two of the most popular restaurants of Surat, TOO The Only Original Biryani and Ice-Cream Buggy participated in the StrEAT food festival.

Patrons will enjoy a dedicated month of artistic immersion during which VR Surat, the venue partner will be a hub of activity, with installations, exhibitions, an art bazaar, art workshops, a children’s art competition and several other exciting events.