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The team behind the previously held ‘Kashi Yoddha Gaurav Sammaan’ is back with another fabulous award night- “Kashi Vaishwik Gaurav Sammaan”

August 4: The former award show was to acknowledge & appreciate the corona warriors who worked selflessly during the pandemic to ensure our safe future. This year, the event is dedicated to the people we consider Shakti- the wonder women of our nation!

Kashi Vaiswik Gaurav Sammaan will be held on 21st August’2022 at Ramada Plaza, Varanasi.

The idea behind this year’s event is to promote women’s empowerment. And to do so, the team is ready to bring up a bigger picture this year by bringing inspiring women not only from the City of Ghats but the whole country!

Kashi Vaiswik Gaurav Sammaan will be held on the national level this time, wherein 20 women will gather together under one roof to get acknowledgement & radiate the positivity of women’s strength & empowerment.

Such a step will not only set up an example for people to step up to empower women but will be a great experience altogether by being part of an event filled with inspiring people.