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The Trost launches No Smoking Day campaign

The brand has launched the campaign to promote healthy substitutes and smoke therapy for smokers

Delhi  March 9: The Trost, a lifestyle and wellness start-up, offering India’s first prescription-based herbal and healthy hemp and cannabis-based cigarettes, has launched the #BeSmartLet’sTrost, No Smoking Day campaign to promote healthy substitutes and smoke therapy for smokers. International No Smoking Day is held every second Wednesday of March and is being observed on March 9, 2022. THE THEME THIS YEAR IS “QUITTING SMOKING DOESN’T HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL” and hence The Trost campaign targeted at the millennials conveys the message strongly.

Understanding the deep-rooted issue of smoking and nicotine addiction, The Trost’s endeavor of replacing a health injurious habit with a health enduring habit is revolutionary. Bringing the idea to reality, The Trost is promoting healthy hemp cigarettes which comes up with total herbal essence. These healthy rolled smoke sticks are the first of their kind in the Indian market for medical use and are India’s first smokable stick with cannabis leaf extract and are available in two variants; The Woody Rollen and The Earthy Rollen. Recently, matching up with the market demands, Trost has launched new packaging of 10 boxes of 50 rollens at a special price of Rs. 3400, making healthy smoke substitute more economical as well.

Harshal Goel, Managing Director, The Trost said, “We cannot eradicate a deep-down addiction with some statutory warnings. There has to be a better, healthy, and consistent solution for the same. Habituated smokers need something to replace their smoke cravings. Moreover, smoking is also a social activity. In today’s date, a lot of youngsters and especially millennials are getting more concerned about their health. Some habits are indeed unavoidable and some experiments attract. Hence The Trost offers the pleasure of smoking experienced healthily. The campaign addresses the core issue and promotes the idea that one doesn’t have to give up smoking but just replace it with a healthy alternative. Everyone tells us No Smoking but here we are saying Be Smart, Let’s Trost.”

Harshal further added that “With the Trost, we have tried to blend the Ayurveda techniques and bring out a vegan-friendly healthy solution for smoking. These natural hemp-based cigarettes will offer additional health benefits while giving the equalized pleasure of smoking. They are sold as prescription-based. People, in general, are mostly aware of the ill effects of tobacco and other addictive materials but very few people are aware of tobacco-free hemp cigarettes and their health benefits. The Trost’s hemp cigarettes — priced at Rs 420 for a pack of five sticks — are good replacements for tobacco-based cigarettes and follow the principles of ‘dhuma yoga’, an Ayurvedic formulation that combines five herbs including cannabis. The herbs are burned and the smoke is inhaled by the user through their mouths and noses.”

The No Smoking Day is designed as a time to reach out to friends or family members who suffer from nicotine addiction. Research shows the number of people around the world who still smoke cigarettes — and are not actively trying to quit — is severely dwindling. The stigma surrounding smoking and the dangers of first-hand and second-hand smoke tend to get more severe as time goes on. But on International No Smoking Day, many are encouraged to help others quit.

The Trost manufactures and sells India’s first herbal hemp-based cigarettes. The company provides these cigarettes as medicine-based prescriptions. The Trost utilizes the power of Ayurveda for providing a healthy option for smokers and non-smokers with its natural hemp-based cigarettes. Along with that, The Trost is focused on creating awareness among people and elevating them to healthier substitutes for smoking in the long run. The Trost is the only brand in India with a proprietary Ayurvedic Dhoom Dandinka (Smoke therapy) Licence.