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Tiny India sets up an outlet in India

The Indian subsidiary of Tiny Capital to fund and buy profitable Startups through the outlet

New Delhi, February 12: Tiny India, a leading venture capitalist, has opened an outlet in India to expand its business activities by funding and buying profitable startups in India.

Founded by Andrew Wilkinson in Vancouver in 2007, Tiny India is the Indian subsidiary of Tiny Capital. In India, Tiny plans to continue their tried and trusted process of acquiring agencies and software as a service (SaaS) companies. Although they have a rolling investment plan of a few million dollars that provides partial funding to promising ventures, their primary focus is on acquiring majority shares in the promising startups in India.

Mohit Mamoria, India partner, Tiny India Private Limited, said, “We buy lean and profitable companies and keep them running forever. We provide a long-term home to the businesses that founders once started with love and care.”

“In stark contrast to the average venture capital investor, Tiny allows the older founders to stay on if they so wish and maintain the original work culture of the institution. In addition, if founders choose to leave, Tiny hires a CEO to oversee the operations and streamline the functioning process through a centralised organisation.”

Tiny India is currently in talks with three agencies, and their erstwhile portfolio boasts successful web-based companies like Dribbble, Metalab, and Girlboss.

Tiny India aims to buy lean, profitable, and growth-oriented businesses, which could be in e-commerces, plugins, apps, and agencies. Tiny India, under the leadership of Mohit Mamoria, has invested in over 200 companies.

Tiny has plans to invest in such pre-existing businesses and help them flourish and start to brand new businesses with ambitious and talented collaborators. The organisation has plans to launch at least half a dozen minimum viable SaaS products by the end of this year alone,” said Mohit.