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Trak N Tell, is a pioneer in providing intuitive Telematics technology to India as well as Overseas

To start my business in India, I had leave a well-paying job in the United States: Trak N Tell’s Founder, Mr Pranshu Gupta

September 7: Trak N Tell is a Gurgaon-based automotive Telematics solutions startup. The company provides Connected Car Tracking and Safety Devices, ensuring the car’s safety and family members on and off the road. Husband Pranshu Gupta and Wife Ritu Gupta are the CO- founders of the startup. Trak N Tell distinguishes itself as a pioneer in providing intuitive Telematics technology to OEMs, fleet customers, and automotive aftermarkets in India and overseas.

Pranshu Gupta a skilled software engineer with a B.E. in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida in the United States. As an entrepreneur, he had 15+ years of experience transforming groundbreaking ideas into customer-centric products. He is working on a mission to provide OEMs with best-in-class embedded intelligence solutions. His first job was with Exxon in the United States, where he spent two years delivering various modeling data software pivotal to the company’s growth. From 1997 to 2003, he held a key technical position at Yahoo Inc. and was instrumental in the company’s transformation from a startup to a tech behemoth. In 2003, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Pran Enterprises, LLC (California, USA), an outsourcing company dedicated to providing web development services. However, he returned to India and founded Bits N Bytes Soft Private Limited in 2006. Later in 2009, Trak N Tell, his entrepreneurial brainchild, was beaten into shape as a car telematics solutions startup.

Let us know about your inspiration behind this, “Since I am an automotive enthusiast with the requisite experience and a degree in computer engineering, I have always strived to bring innovative services and solutions to the Indian automotive market. My co-founder and wife, Ritu Gupta, and I had the vision to deliver an Indian-modified version of connected vehicles available in European countries. However, the inspiration for Trak N Tell came from a personal experience we encountered in 2008 when our family driver borrowed our car. My father saw the car in Connaught Place while the driver informed us that he worked in Gurgaon. Even surprisingly, the driver later denied the accusations. This incident fueled our desire and need to create a device that could easily monitor and track the exact location of a car, and we both decided to launch Trak N Tell in 2009.

Talking about the challenges and growth as an entrepreneur Mr Gupta said, “Like any other startup, we had to conquer numerous challenges to accelerate our business priorities and goals. To start my business in India, I had to leave a well-paying job in the United States. The Indian market is more dynamic and volatile, and I had no prior sales experience, which made convincing people to outsource their software development even more daunting. In addition, we boot-strapped initially to address the issue of vehicle tracking and passenger security at a time when smartphones and associated systems were not widely available in India”.

“Furthermore, sustaining the business was more daunting when COVID-19 abruptly reduced automotive sales. However, each problem obligated us to grow, and our experienced team played a pioneering role in overcoming the challenges. The company now has 30-35 distributors across India and a dealer network spanning 1000-1200 shops. Many automakers (OEMs) in the two-wheeler, four-wheeler, and earth-moving/off-highway (OHV) equipment markets are also served by our company. Our crowning accomplishment so far has been successfully installing our gadgets in over two lakh vehicles”, He added.

Trak N Tell recently launched multiple new generation variants of IntelliPlay, giving us some brief about that Mr Pranshu shared, “Intelliplay was introduced to the market in 2018 and is now readily accessible in eight different configurations. We also recently released three new IntelliPlay variants, a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of entertainment and security technology that can be easily retrofitted into automobiles. It has an in-built real-time tracking system for collecting data from the car and allows the owner to monitor it from anywhere by just using our application.

The specifications include Overspeed Warnings, Tracking of Intelligent Vehicles, Engine Health Status, Engine Immobilizer, Impact Alert Calling, Car Finder/Locator, Geo-Fence Notification Panic Button, and much more. The new range of intelliPlay comes with a built-in Android O.S. with a 4G enabled sim, with one-year validity and enough bandwidth to stream music and entertainment to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable. The simultaneous release of new generation IntelliPlay variants has increased our business traction, product popularity, and customer base.

Trak N Tell, 5 years Plan: In the coming fiscal, our immediate objective is to generate revenue of INR 40-50 Cr. While Trak N Tell is primarily active in India, it has also made its presence felt in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Guatemala, Guyana, and other countries where we hope to expand our client base in the coming years. Over the next five years, the company hopes to establish itself as a major supplier of telematics devices to OEMs in India and around the world.