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Treasure Records, A New Generation Indian Music Label Company

Treasure Records’ goals are to achieve big things, showcase outstanding talent, and release their greatest material

Without routine and discipline, one cannot succeed in life: CEO of Treasure Records Deepti Gupta 

Freedom for individuals to study, develop, and prosper, ‘Treasure Records’, a new generation Indian Music Label Company headquartered in New Delhi. Founded in 2021 by Mrs Deepti Gupta, CEO, along with her husband, Mr Deepak Gupta, Managing Director, Treasure Records. Create a platform that brings newbie as well as established talent in order to encourage diversity in ideas and creativity and enable them to showcase their talents and introduce them to the entertainment industry, that was ‘Treasure Records’ mission. With the ambition of becoming one of India’s leading music label companies ‘Treasure Records’ is striving to be the best in the business. With a vision of success, Treasure Records is on a journey to accomplish, introduce great talents, and produce their best work. Treasure Records’ goals include achieving big things, showcasing outstanding talent, and releasing their greatest material.

Talking about the inspiration behind Treasure Records, Mrs Gupta tells, Hello Entrepreneurs, “Leaving a corporate job to start a music label company, it was challenging for me, but I really want to make an effort for myself. I lost my confidence and communication abilities over a period of five years since I was totally cut off from the business sector, where I used to meet people. Throughout Covid, I was so worried about my family that I began to fear what would happen to my kids if something happened to me. But I have the back of my husband, who didn’t give up on me and pushed me towards the best of me. He had given the idea for the same and helped me in this new venture of ours. It is not necessary that a woman has a hand behind a successful husband. Even a successful wife can have a husband’s hand.“Even though we work with famous personalities in the entertainment industry Treasure Records main focus is to provide a platform to young talents. As you can see in our latest song JAANIYA which is sung by famous singer Ankit Tiwari”

“Being a mompreneur makes it challenging to balance both obligations, but on the one hand, my passion keeps me going, and on the other, my responsibility and the desire for my children’s affection keep me continuing”, Told Mrs Deepti. Further, she added, “The music industry is one that is constantly evolving. People enjoy music and change their playlists on a daily basis to reflect their tastes. Music and entertainment are not 9 to 5 jobs where you do the same thing every day. Each day demands a new thought, a new song and a fresh new outcome. To be in this field, one has to inventiveness”.

‘The love and support Treasure Records received from the audience for Jaaniya is astonished and overwhelmed at the same time and we promise to bring such beautiful tracks for our audience more frequently’