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Tressmart’s- One-stop-shop for professional hair and skincare products

Tressmart is one of India’s biggest online stores, offering exclusive, innovative, and professional hair and skincare goods from across the world. Their initial product, ‘Dafni,’ the first straightening brush, was a huge hit in India and received a lot of praise. In an interview with Yesha Shah, Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, Director, Tressmart Marketing Pvt. Ltd discusses the company’s future goals in India.

How would you describe your journey as an entrepreneur?

It has been a fun experience that has taught me a lot in the past few years and changed my perception of running a business. My entrepreneurial journey has made me change and evolve in every aspect of my life.

What is your financial viewpoint for the next three years?

We have devised a strategy for the coming years. Our financial strategy would be to raise funds and significantly enhance the scope of our business’s expansion. With the endemic strategy here, we intend to bring a significant number of beauty & hair care brands from around the world under the Tressmart banner. We intend to spend extensively in the digital space since it is the only route forward. Tressmart will become one of the top marketplaces in India, specializing entirely to hair care, and will be followed by Glow by Tressmart, our skin and beauty section.

Give us an insight into Tressmart’s product range.

Ours is the only online store in India that sells only the most creative, professional hair products from around the world. Tressmart was founded in 2017 with the mission of developing and marketing revolutionary hair care products ranging from Premium to Luxury. We launched our first product, Dafni, The Original Straightening Brush, which broke the internet. We have received numerous prizes and accolades in India over the years for our award-winning product. Seeing our growth rate, we can confidently state that we worked out how to properly promote this product. We created Glow by Tressmart, an online marketplace for beauty and wellness products, in 2020. We witnessed a growth of 1120 percent in this venture by 2021, an accomplishment in and of itself, given the difficult economic environment created by the epidemic. With exclusive selling rights in India, we released revolutionary items such as the MakeUp Eraser and Styl Ideas. Makeup Eraser is also a first-of-its-kind sustainable makeup remover that eliminates the need for wasteful makeup wipes, which has performed exceptionally well given that many people are becoming increasingly concerned of their carbon footprint these days. Today, we advertise 251 global products via our platforms, including 88 in Tressmart and 163 in Glow by Tressmart.

What are your turnover and the target this year?

For Tressmart itself, our turnover is Rs. 8 crores per annum. We have set a target of Rs.12 crores for this fiscal.

What are your marketing strategies for Tressmart?

In terms of the online marketplace business, we aim to expand our offering by increasing the number of brands we have on board. If the pandemic has taught us anything, learning from the past can help us navigate a bright future. Marketing strategies are not about short-term goals but planning for future growth. We are working on Social Media Platforms, SEO’s and Content Marketing keeping that in mind. Most marketing strategies overlap, and we are combining several of these to drive the highest level of growth at Tressmart.