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Trivayu Media Works aims to increase its client base by 100%

To date, TMW has facilitated over 100 projects

New Delhi, June 30: TriVayu Media Works, a hyperlocal content distribution company, has announced ambitious targets to expand its client base by 100% by specifically focusing on newly built start-ups. TMW is a one-of-a-kind hyper-local content distribution company with a presence in over 200 districts, 1000 villages, and 20+ states across the country. In addition to English, TMW offers content services in 12+ languages to help brands reach a wider audience.

TMW has facilitated over 100 projects to date and currently has 50+ clients, with 80 percent of start-up clients connected to TMW’s network. The company garners a major 60% of its business from Internet/Social Companies, 20% from Agriscience, 10% from OTT, and 10% from the News/Media sector. In order to build its business traction, TMW aims to target the OTT start-ups understanding the growing demand and changing dynamics in the field of hyperlocal content.

“The OTT (over-the-top) industry is rapidly expanding and is one of the most competitive in emerging markets. Also, the OTT sector is witnessing a boost in investments in Indian original local content, which will undoubtedly lead to an increase in the number of hours of original content available to users. This has created enormous potential for content distribution networks, and we are attempting to capitalise on the market trends. We seek to expand our client base by focusing primarily on OTT start-ups and intend to make a substantial mark,” said Ratnendra K Pandey, Co-Founder of TMW.

TMW team also trains and employs youth and the process until a candidate starts earning money is completely free. Candidates are onboarded based on their performance and work from TMW’s micro-offices that TMW claims no other company currently offers. The unique model helps TMW reduce 30% of the project cost of its clients by closely working with trained resources from Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. TMW’s majority of the workforce in these cities has resulted in quick TAT, cost efficiency of projects, and multi-lingual operations without compromising on quality.

The top four most popular services at Trivayu includes Bulk Content Distribution; Data Learning Resources (Moderation & Tagging), and Customer Success; Projects (such as voice calling and email support); Creative Designs; and Production of Hyperlocal News Content. Since its inception, TMW has served over 110 clients and reached over 1 billion users through its various social media platforms.