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Tynimo bags Emerging Retailer of 2022 under India’s retail champions

The organisation received the award for Innovation and Disruption in the retail industry under India’s retail champions from the Retailers Association of India.

Bengaluru, May 6: Tynimo, a Bengaluru-based lifestyle retail brand, bagged the ‘Emerging Retailer of the Year Award’ by RAI (Retail Association of India). Retailers Association of India (RAI), A not-for-profit organisation, is the unified voice of retailers in India. Tynimo received the award under India’s Retail Champions from RAI.

The organisation received the award for its innovative idea of STORE ON WHEELS and giving a new dimension to customer service. The store on wheels operates out of a vibrantly designed truck retailing array of products and travelling across the city. Tynimo Store on Wheels has been exceptionally well received by the loyal customer base with an overwhelming response and has already visited over a dozen large housing complexes in Bengaluru.

Vaibhav Jain, Founder, Tynimo, said, “The company is awarded for Innovation and Disruption. We are proud to share that we are the 1st retailer in the country to have launched a full-fledged “Store on Wheels”, a moving store to serve our customers at their doorsteps. It is an extension of our clear focus on above and beyond customer service.”

He added, “We always had a dream to start our brand in the retail industry, which has something to offer to people from different walks of life. Our vision is to make Tynimo the world’s favourite consumer retail brand. Our main objective is to make our customers happy and build trust in them.”

Tynimo symbolises a tiny shopping plex with a large variety for an unplanned shopper. The brand is focused on providing high-quality daily lifestyle products at affordable prices, hence providing a better lifestyle. Every product at tynimo is designed on the philosophy of creative design, cost efficiency and a better lifestyle. The brand is focused on looking beyond price and functionality to connect with a back story and ethics that appeals to the consumer’s sense of self.