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UCanLearn delivers a blended learning experience: A powerful solution by Learning Spiral

New  Delhi: To provide students with the best possible learning experience, Learning Spiral Pvt Ltd, India’s leading online assessment provider, has introduced a new product, UCanLearn, to its range of products and services. Learning management systems are integrated with online tutoring software and SaaS-based application implementations. 

About UCanLearn:  

The Learning management system (LMS) is built on top of the modern web standard and technologies that provide consistency, assistance, and a responsive design to fit any device. UCanLearn is an integrated, all-in-one application hosted in the AWS Cloud that includes course management, learning paths, assessments, learning content, and SCROM support. 

Key features:  

UCanLearn was introduced to make learning more effective, simple, and easily accessible from remote locations. The LMS complies with WCAG-2 accessibility requirements, multilingual support, zoom & bigbluebutton integrated, video course content, drip content, webinars, live sessions, in-app sessions, text-based classes, meetings, assignments and SCORM. The application includes YouTube, Vimeo, AWS integration, and lightning-fast servers combined for fast content delivery. It can also be used as a multiple and single instructor service, an advanced conferencing system, event reminders and many other professional plugins.


The application’s user-friendly features are fully functional according to the client’s needs. The system also helps teachers to track goals for individual students and assists in live video conferences between teachers and students. The data security and scalable features enable to secure students’ privacy and meet compliance requirements. On the launch of UCanLearn, Manish Mohta, Managing Director of Learning Spiral, said: “Our learning management system serves as the backbone on which educational workflows run. UCanLearn allows teachers/instructors to assign quizzes, share content, and post grades while students submit assignments, view content, and collaborate on forums using social-like features. Our system is designed to be customizable to meet your specific learning goals, and we are constantly working on adding new features and updating our application to reflect next-generation technology.”